Buenos Aires is a city with a lot to boast - well-maintained parks, beautiful port views, an active nightlife, and fashion-forward citizens. In addition, the self-proclaimed "Paris of the South" can be as much of a foodie haven as it's famous namesake in France - you just have to know where and what to eat. Never fear though, as I am here to guide you through your culinary journey. Whether you are studying abroad or taking a vacation, here's what you should eat in Buenos Aires: 


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Julia Condon

You can't leave Argentina without trying #1 on my list. For those who are not familiar with this South American favorite, empanadas are fried pastries stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables or some combination of the three. They're often cheap and make the perfect quick lunch. Taragüi II in Recoleta serves up some insanely delicious hand-made empanadas for every kind of customer. 


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Jaclyn Puccini

Pizza in Buenos Aires is pretty delicious, but don't expect it to taste anything like the slices you're used to in the US. Argentine pizza often comes topped with an abundance of cheese, though sometimes it lacks enough sauce, the cheesy goodness makes up for it tenfold. Pizza Party in Palermo serves up some pretty tasty pies. 

Italian Food 

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Nikki Naiman

If you're looking for authentic Italian food in the western hemisphere, look no further than Buenos Aires. History, and more specifically the immigration of a vast number of Italians to the city in the late 19th and early 20th century, are to thank for the array of quality Italian food here. 


steak, pork
Paige Weiler

Though as a vegetarian I can't claim to have tried meat from a real Argentine asado, Argentina is considered the "Beef Capital of the World" for a reason. "Asados" are Argentine barbecues during which various meats are typically served, often alongside grilled vegetables for us pesky herbivores. Asados are both the culinary and social equivalent to barbecues in the United States. They provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends alongside great food. 

Dulce de Leche

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Christina Millan

Much like #1 on my list, you cannot possibly leave Buenos Aires without trying this Argentine staple. This sweet dish is created by heating sweetened milk. Dulce de leche is a versatile snack, it can be served between two halves of a warm croissant, mixed into ice cream, or simply eaten with a spoon by those with an extreme sweet tooth.

Ice cream

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Rachel Kalichman

As Italian immigrants brought their pizza and pasta, they carried with them the tradition of preparing this frozen favorite, best consumed in the suffocating humidity and heat of Buenos Aires summers. Argentine ice cream is thick and creamy and grievously mourned when it is finished. Freddo is a popular ice cream chain that you can find on nearly every block. 


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Lissane Kafie

Argentinians eat alfajores for breakfast, snack, and dessert, and would likely eat them for lunch and dinner were it not frowned upon. These delectable confections are often composed of two cookies with a dulce de leche filling and can be served topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, a chocolate coating or coconut shavings. I have yet to meet an alfajor I did not like. 


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Alex Frank

Most meals in Buenos Aires' restaurants begin, as they rightfully should, with a basket of bread. Bread is often homemade, warm and served with queso crema or jam. Let's just say my carb consumption has skyrocketed since my arrival in BA. 

Medialunas - with Café con leche as an added bonus 

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Molly Delmore

Medialunas, better know in the US as "croissants" are best paired with an aromatic, steaming cup of café con leche. Cafés in Buenos Aires often offer breakfast specials that combine these two breakfast staples into one package deal. ¡Que perfecto!

Now that you know what you should eat in Buenos Aires, I think it's safe to say it's time to book your flight - and a few dinner reservations!