Ice cream is the go-to-dessert for so many people and it can taste like magic as it melts in your mouth. If you didn't know, there is a not-so hidden gem at Indiana University selling ice cream and now, so more much. Since 1933, The Chocolate Moose has been serving the lucky residents of Monroe County. What used to be a concession stand has been transformed into a beautiful pink and brown store front with indoor and outdoor seating.

The Chocolate Moose serves more than a dozen homemade ice creams, but after a taste test (or two) the Moose Dream takes the win. The best way to describe would be a decadent version of a reese's peanut buttercup in ice cream form, but way better. 

More than ice cream...

The Chocolate Moose recently expanded their menu to more than one could imagine, with choices for breakfast and lunch. For those who don't eat ice cream all day long, (but who wouldn't) Chocolate Moose serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches with a variety of hot and cold coffee based drinks. After hearing about these new additions, The IU spoon team decided to head over and try them out. Was it worth it? Oh, yea! Here are some of our favorites...

Build your own breakfast sandwich

Maddy White

At The Chocolate Moose, you can build your favorite breakfast sandwich for just $4.75! Choose your bread (english muffin or croissant), meat and cheese. They even offer have egg whites! If you're a #vegeterian, a personal favorite is the croissant with the gouda cheese. For #meateaters, the traditional bacon, egg and cheddar on a croissant is the go-to. 

And For Lunch...

Chelsea Schwartz

The Turkey Pesto Sandwich is a delicious lunch option. It includes thick-cut turkey with pesto, lettuce, tomato and your choice of cheese on a croissant or a greek yogurt wheat bun. In addition, Veggie burgers, chicken salad, and hot dogs are also served, which shows that Chocolate Moose is more than an ice cream shop, but a restaurant. 

Not your basic cup of coffee

Maddy White

For many students, coffee is a major source of energy, happiness, and motivation. Chocolate Moose offers all types of coffee from mocha and tiramisu frappes, to your must-have lattes. If you're in the mood for something sweet, we highly recommend the caramel frappe. If you're more of a bitter coffee drink, any of the coffees sourced from Brown County Coffee are also a good bet.

Innovative Sweets

Chelsea Schwartz

It may look like just a chocolate-covered banana from the outside, (which is true, it is) but if your in the mood to try something different, order a Moose Horn. This chocolate dipped frozen banana is beyond your typical piece of fruit. Add some peanuts for a crunchy coating. It's a ideal dessert for two people to share!

The Rundown

Maddy White

If you're a first timer at The Chocolate Moose, use this as your guide for ordering. Or, close your eyes, spin in a circle with you arm out and stop! It doesn't matter what you land on because everything is equally good (some would debate that). Whether it's a cup or cone, a breakfast sandwich or hot dog, The Chocolate Moose staff will make sure you find something that hits the spot.