Ice cream is always there for you, whether you’re celebrating the good times or the bad. We eat it on first dates, at family gatherings, on the couch in our pjs, out with friends, and really anytime we get that craving (because you don’t really need an excuse). There are hundreds of different flavors and so many ways to eat it—cone, cup, cone on cup—but no matter where you are or who you are, we all have ice cream in common (read: even if it's dairy-free or vegan).

In college, we arguably need an ice cream pick-me-up a little bit more often than usual, particularly during midterms season. A scoop of our spirit flavor is all we need to power through. Here’s what ice cream flavor you would be, based on your college major to hopefully make exam time a little bit easier.

Psychology: Moose Tracks

Like the brain, there's a lot going on in moose tracks ice cream. Psychology majors explore the interactions between different parts of the brain and how that affects our behaviors.  People who eat moose tracks explore the interactions between the fudge swirls and peanut butter chunks and how that affects the overall eating experience. Just as learning about psychology affects how we think about ourselves, eating moose tracks helps us think about the inner-workings of our ice cream.

Business: Maple Walnut

Being a business major is all about learning to work in groups as a team. In the business world, nothing gets done unless you work together. This is just like maple walnut ice cream. A few people might eat maple ice cream, and no one would dare to eat plain walnut ice cream. When they come together however, they create a fan favorite flavor that has stood the (taste) test of time.

Literature: Vanilla

Like vanilla ice cream, literature majors are all about the classics. They do a lot of reading, but just as each brand of vanilla ice cream is a little bit different, each book has its own unique elements. No matter how much you read literature or eat vanilla ice cream, you never get tired of a classic.

Biology: Mint Chocolate Chip

There are a million variations of biology majors: you have the pre-meds, the environmentalists, the microbiologists, the neuroscientists, and the biochemists. There are also a ton of varieties of mint chocolate chip ice cream including white base, green base, peppermint, spearmint, chocolate chips, and chocolate chunks. Each biology major is slightly different, but comes from the same family of minty goodness.

Political Science: AmeriCone Dream

Ben & Jerry's AmeriCone Dream is inspired by late night talk show host and political satirist Stephen Colbert. Just like Colbert, political science majors analyze government and public policy. AmeriCone Dream has even gotten into a war with Jimmy Falon's Tonight Dough, and the proceeds of both flavors go to charity. The American people are the beneficiaries of both AmeriCone Dream and the future actions of political science majors.

Computer Science: Cookie Dough

Computer science majors work really hard, writing many lines of complex coding to create a polished program. This is similar to the creation of cookie dough ice cream, where there are many ingredients and steps that have to happen for the formation of the perfect product. The importance of computer science is often underrated, just like the delicious flavors of cookie dough ice cream.

Art: Phish Food

Art is about creating aesthetic pieces and communicating ideas and emotions. Sometimes artists bring together very different concepts to create a masterpiece. Everyone might not initially rally behind a Phish-themed ice cream flavor, but as anyone who has eaten Phish Food can tell you, this is art. Art majors work on experimenting with different mediums and honing their abilities to communicate with an audience, just as Ben & Jerry's did with this marshmallow, caramel, and fudge treasure.

Communications: Black Raspberry

Being a communications major is all about learning how to form connections between people, ideas, and society. There is nothing like an ice cream date over black raspberry ice cream to get discussion and connections flowing between people. Black raspberry ice cream is a conversation starter: sometimes it's a bold choice, but you never regret ordering it.

History: Chocolate

Even historians will tell you that no one can remember a time without chocolate ice cream. It is applicable to every situation, whether you're enjoying a post-dinner treat or dealing with an emotional conversation with friends. The variations of chocolate are endless and few people refute its relevance in life. History is the backbone of many arguments and issues, just as chocolate is the backbone of the ice cream industry. Without the study of history, society would go nowhere, just like society is held together by chocolate ice cream.

No matter what flavor of ice cream you are, we all start from the same base. Every major has a different experience, but in the end we're all struggling through college together.