How many times have you been so tired in the morning that you don't have the energy to tell people what's going on?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a coffee mug that could do that for you? Sometimes the coffee mug can make a cup of your favorite drink or your day in general.  Hopefully, this guide will help you pick the perfect mug for every mood!


Everyone hates Mondays, especially when there's an 8 am class or early work meeting you have to attend.  Garfield gets that, and with him on your mug, your first coffee to start the week can share that dread with you!


Everyone feels sad or down at a certain time during the semester; whether it be because of the work, or some other reason that may not have an explanation.  Eeyore gets this, and maybe having him on your coffee mug being happy and looking at a bee will surely make you feel better.


If you're happy or want to have a more positive vibe to start your day, what's more joyful than bright colors and cute birds? Just looking at this coffee mug can boost your mood and keep you on a steady track to have a great morning or night!


I mean, it's true.  If you need a mug to explain just how sick you are, then you obviously can't adult today.  Take it easy and let everyone know how you're feeling with your new favorite mug. Maybe fill it with tea or soup instead of coffee this time.

In Love

Okay, this one was just cute.  But really, if you guys are in love, why not get a coffee mug to show it?!  It combines the two best things in life: love and coffee!  "In love" is a mood, too!

For the Dog Lover

Dogs and caffeine: what could go wrong!?!  Get ready for the day with your favorite four-legged friend!  Maybe snuggle up with your fave pet, too.

Craving Summer Weather

Whether it's 30 degrees and snowy or 80 degrees and sunny, this is sure to keep the warm weather vibes coming.  It's always summer somewhere-maybe this mug proves that?!

Overly Busy ~or~ Overly Lazy

Whether you're so busy that you need your mug to do the talking or so not busy that you need your mug to provide an excuse for you, this is the perfect mug for any reason to not talk to people!

Too Good/Not Good Enough at Multitasking

How many times have you thought this: "what's really on my mind?! You don't have to know, and quite frankly, I've lost track"?  Now your mug can portray that exact feeling!

The Comedy Wizard in us All

Animals are great because they can comically show everyone in a room how we're truly feeling.  So much better than telling your boss or professor how tired you actually are am I right?!

Need For Simplicity

Sometimes, we just need something simple and elegant to get our day started and provide us with fuel to tackle the day

While I don't condone caffeine addictions, I do condone cute mugs (maybe I partly do condone caffeine addictions).  May your coffee be hot and may your coffee mugs always be able to let people know exactly what you feel or how you think.  Happy sipping!