Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for students as it allows us to get the fuel we need in order to get the marks we want. Here are some of the best places to go for breakfast near campus! 

Mel's Diner

Mel's Diner is one of the best places for breakfast near campus, located at 140 University Avenue West. It has something everyone will enjoy from eggs to hamburgers (if you enjoy hamburgers for breakfast). They also have the best milkshakes near campus! I personally enjoy getting a small healthy breakfast and a milkshake. Mel's is definitely a university favourite and you must make sure to check it out before the end of your university career at Laurier!

Talia Brock


Cora's is located at 75 King Street South. Cora's meals often come with lots of cut-up fruit which provides students with easy access to a healthy meal, because of this, Cora's offers a different feel to your typical university campus restaurants as it has healthier options. Although the restaurant is not as close to campus as some others they have a big menu which means you will definitely find something you enjoy. Take the opportunity to check out Cora's for a healthy meal, as well as a nice walk Uptown with your friends!  

Angel's Diner

Angel's Diner is located at 190 Weber Street North. They are your typical diner with a large variety of choices on their menu. If you are craving eggs then this is the place to go as they have many different options to choose from including everyone's favourites – omelettes and eggs benny. Angel's is also a great place to go with a large group as they have lots of seating.


Symposium is located at 4 King Street North. During the week symposium has a great lunch special which gives you a large portion for a low price. Their menu offers basic breakfast meals but as well speciality items like their fresh fruit freezies which are extremely refreshing. If you are feeling tired and do not want to drink more coffee try out one of their freezies to wake you up!

Settlement Co. 

Settlement Co. is located at 23 King Street North and is the perfect spot to check out if you are looking for an 'Instagram worthy' meal. I personally love the ambience here and they have a wide variety of food and drinks. Their fresh coffee will definitely wake you up and it is the perfect place to study if you need a break from the library. While it is a less formal spot for breakfast, Settlement offers waffles, bagels, avocado toast, and the list goes on, you will not regret going here, they are definitely one of the best places for breakfast near campus!

Talia Brock

We often get caught up in our studies as university students but it is important to make sure we eat good breakfasts which will fuel our minds. Check out some of these places for breakfast near campus to keep you fuelled and satisfied this winter term.