Denison University's campus is located in central Ohio. If you think there's nothing around, think again - apple orchards and fields galore! Load the car with your friends and drive in any direction, to be surrounded by fall's more beloved fruit, apples! And when's a better time to be outside than the fall for apple picking! So grab your friends, hop on the road, and try out these great small-town orchards to go apple picking near Denison!

1. Lynd Fruit Farm

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Caroline Ingalls

Odds are you've heard of this apple orchard on Denison's campus. Lynds Fruit Farm is a prime pick for you and your friends' day at the orchard. With varieties like McIntosh, Gala, Golden Delicious, and (my personal favorite,) Honeycrisp, you'll be sure to find at least one you like. After you're done in the orchard, head over to the market where you can find more fall produce and specialty items like jam, salsa, and maple syrup. After apple picking, come back to Lynd Fruit Farm the next weekend for pumpkin picking too! 

2. Windy Hill Apple Farm

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Allyn Scherr

Looking for another place to go apple picking near Denison? Windy Hill Apple Farm AKA "Charlie's Apples" is only a 7 minute drive! Tsticks to the autumn classics - apple picking and cider-making. Their apple orchards are chemical free and certified organic (that's a big deal!) and open daily from 9- 5. in the fall. They also sell cider to quench your thirst while you stroll through the orchards. You'll never be alone in the orchard with Windy Hill's 2 farm dogs to keep you company - who doesn't love a farm dog or two? 

3. Legend Hills Orchard

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Caroline Ingalls

Legend Hills is in Utica, Ohio so make sure to give yourself the whole day to spend there! and is open 9-6 Saturdays and 10-5 on Sundays. They're not just known for their apple orchards, they also have fresh peaches, beef jerky, apple butter, and variety of Amish cheese and jams sold at the market. Yum!

4. Cherry Hawk Farm

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Kristine Mahan

Located northwest of Columbus Cherry Hawk Farm is a great fall weekend drive for you and your friends. Some of their best Semptember apple pickings are Gala, Honeycrisp, Red and Yellow Delicious, and many more. They also offer apple picking near Denison into late October and November. Find the full list of what's available, and when, here.

So Many Apples, So Little Time

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Jocelyn Hsu

Now that you've hand picked your apples at the orchard, there are plenty of different ways to prepare them. From breakfast, to dessert, and everywhere between, these apple-centered recipes will get you inspired.

Spice your morning up with these delectable  apple pancakes.

If you're not an oatmeal hater, fill up with this apple pie oatmeal. Both options are packed with flavor and protein and can easily be modified for gluten free! 

Apple sauce is a staple in the fall but can be time consuming to make. This super simple but yummy apple sauce recipe will save you from any cooking scares. 

Apple muffins are some of my favorites (seriously if you haven't, you have to try them!) This Cinnamon Apple Crumble Muffin recipe is making my mouth water just looking at it. And muffins are not just for breakfast!

If you're looking for that fall classic or Thanksgiving dessert try baking this mouth watering apple pie or these apple crumble bars (OMG YUM!)

For something simple or on-the-go eat your apples straight from the orchard, just as they came with honey or peanut butter.

With so many kinds of apples and so many ways to prepare them, how will you choose?!