From my own experience, I know what that light night hunger feels like. After a long night of fun, food runs are necessary. 3 AM on a Friday night is no fun without the right meal, so end your night right with some of these options. These are my favorite food spots that I frequent in Atlanta, GA.

1. McDonald's

french fries, pasta, spaghetti, ketchup
Alex Frank

I know it isn’t the healthiest option but I LOVE caramel frappés. Unfortunately, the chocolate chip frappe isn’t an option on the menu anymore but the caramel flavor hits the spot. I don’t really order much else on the menu other than sweet tea or french fries.

2. Cook Out

Those 2 AM ultra thick milkshakes are worth the long drive-thru lines. There are more than 20 flavor options and I still haven’t tried them all. In my past non-vegetarian life, I would devour the cheeseburgers and onion rings in two seconds.

3. Chinese Buddha

This is an ideal late night spot for me. Other than the really cool Buddha statue, they have amazing food. Chinese food is one of my favorites. They have the typical fried rice or sesame chicken but they also have a vegetarian and vegan menu as well.

4. Insomnia Cookies

chocolate, cookie, peanut, butter, peanut butter
Jessica Kelly

The cookie a la mode has warm cookies with ridiculously huge scoops of ice cream just melting on top, it’s something you’ve never experienced. Or, you could get a cookiewich, which is an ice cream sandwich with two cookies of your choice as the outer, and any flavor ice cream as the inner. 


The International House of (Unbeatable) Pancakes. Who can resist? Pancakes galore for you and all of your friends. Omelets all night with a cup of french vanilla coffee with whip cream on top, amazing!

Off you are on your night owl adventures! Call up your friends and party all night. Then, slide past one of my favorite spots. Fill yourself up and don't forget to take a few pictures of that amazing food.