IHOP is known as the kingdom of pancakes, where stomachs come to be filled on late Saturday and Sunday mornings, or late nights, depending on your life choices. Home to any type of breakfast you desire, you may find yourself ordering french toast, or an omelet, maybe just some hash browns or even *gasp* a salad from their easily overlooked lunch menu.

Don't do that. Seriously, you'll regret it. 

Instead, look at the pancake menu, and don't look away. And if you're having trouble deciding, look for the pancakes that match your college major. 

Econ: Double Blueberry

You're the type who tries to get the most out of everything that comes your way. You don't settle for a 'single' of anything, which is why double blueberry appeals so much to you. Deceitfully plain, ordering this intelligent and delicious combo of ingredients shows that you always get the best deal. 

Psychology: Strawberry Banana 

Just like you do when you're contemplating the right way to treat a patient, you're contemplative about the food that you eat. You won't give any patient just any diagnosis, and you won't give any flavor combination a try. Strawberry and banana is a classic and will be around forever, just like your major.

English: Raspberry White Chocolate Chip

Like these extravagant pancakes, you have your own complicated layers of emotion and deep thoughts. You want to get them out clearly, but somehow they end up on paper in a surprising combination just like this. No one's quite sure how it happened, but it's great all the same.

Political Science: Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Like anyone in the PoliSci field, you know how to conceal your true nature and then tip your hand at exactly the right moment. Essentially, you're just like chocolate chip pancakes which masquerade as breakfast when—let's be real—they're actually dessert. 

Math: Original Buttermilk 

Where would we be without math? Just like math is a universal language, the original buttermilk pancake is a universal breakfast. You're a total classic. It just adds up. 

Chemistry: Red Velvet

Most people would say that red velvet is simply chocolate batter dyed red, but as a chemistry major, it's your job to prove them wrong. You know exactly how the ingredients in the pancakes interact with each other to create their flavor, and you waste no time telling everyone with you how it works. Just like red velvet, you're unique, interesting, and smart.

Education: Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity

A carefree spirit with the patience to deal with hundreds of whining children, you have both the fun and the simple within you, as seen by mixing the buttermilk pancakes and their fruity toppings. You're fun and sensitive, and pleasing everyone is your goal. These pancakes certainly do.

Pre-Med: Harvest Grain & Nut

As a pre-med major, you don't want to even know the nutrition information that lies within these pancakes. So, you opt for the seemingly healthiest option on the menu. But don't be fooled; they are deceptively delicious, just as you yourself are deceptively incredibly fun when you're not buried in all those medical books.