My mom would frequently bring home cupcakes for my older brother and me when we were kids and I was always ready to fight him, Dragonball Z-style, for his cupcakes. He was much stronger than me, and needless to say, I got wrecked, but it never stopped me.

This story shows two things. One, my brother was violent and needed to chill. Second, my love for cupcakes! So here are my favorite "cupcakeries" that I regularly frequent in the Bay Area.

5) Susiecakes

Susiecakes has some of the most unique flavors, including blueberry pancake, one of my personal favorites. They also serve cookies, pies and puddings. With a ton of variety and great quality, Susiecakes has something for everyone. 

4) Sibby's Cupcakery

Sibby's primarily focuses on custom orders, in which you can get super creative with the decorations and even get them delivered. However, Sibby's also sells individual cupcakes, depending on what's left over later in the day. Their coconut snowball cupcakes are incredibly moist and super tasty. Definitely the best coconut cupcake I've ever had. A little gem in San Mateo!

3) Love at First Bite

Love at first bite is definitely a hole-in-the-wall worthy of a visit. I definitely get the most homemade baking vibe here. I love the frosting, which has the perfect amount of sweetness. It complements the moist cake very well. I'd recommend the Pretty In Pink cupcake (strawberry cupcake with buttercream frosting), in which they use real strawberries.

2) Sprinkles

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Ally Reyes

The OG. Sprinkles is definitely one the most renowned and recognized places for cupcakes (and for good reason). Their flavors change daily, and all their cupcakes are consistently yummy. They are pretty big in size, and my personal favorite is their black and white cupcake. They even have dog cupcakes, which are honestly pretty good too (yes, I've tried one). So treat your dog to the place that started the hype.

1) Kara's cupcakes

I love Kara's cupcakes! Their cupcakes are the perfect size, which makes them super easy to eat and not very messy. This place has my favorite red velvet cupcake; it's killer. I'd also recommend the banana cupcake with caramel. Both will blow you away.