Braindead and starving, you’ve figured it’s time for a study break. Stuck between hangry and a hard place, where should you turn? UCI is surrounded by a plethora of one-of-a-kind bakeries and cafés to get your munch on. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down all that OC has to offer to an OG list. After all, whether you’re under under finals time constraints or down for a foodie adventure, an ‘Eater’s gotta eat!

1. Blackmarket Bakery


Photo courtesy of @cigarettes_and_chocolatemilk on Instagram

Distance: 7 minutes

It’s no joke: I’d buy their cinnamon rolls off the black market in a heartbeat if I had to. Nestled in the hipster paradise that is The Camp, Blackmarket Bakery is my go-to dealer for Pecan Sticky Buns, Black Widow Tarts, and late night cookie sundaes that put pizookies to shame.

2. Cream Pan


Photo courtesy of @uri3l on Instagram

Distance: 12 minutes

What could be better than a $1.40 flaky croissant? A $1.40 flaky croissant bursting with custard cream and fresh strawberries, of course! Owner Yoshinori Inada gets up at 2:00 a.m. every morning just to keep up with the popular demand (and I thought I was committed to food).

3. C’est Si Bon


Photo courtesy of @sweet.ish on Instagram

Distance: 13 minutes

“C’est Si Bon” is French for, “it’s so good!” And, their fresh baguettes and croissants are…almost too good. Basically, C’est Si Bon is the fancier, only slightly-more-expensive-r, definitely yummier version of Subway. Also, grabbing a mint brownie on your way out is a must.

4. 85ºC Bakery Cafe


Photo courtesy of @85cbakerycafe on Instagram

Distance: 11 minutes

This casual Taiwanese bakery is, essentially, the reason why Diamond Jamboree exists at all. Don’t be afraid to pile your tray (yes, you get an actual lunch tray when you walk in) with all the things. Most of the breads and pastries are under two bucks. Hot-out-of-the-oven brioches, taro breads, and custard buns are customer favorites, especially when enjoyed with iced sea salt coffee.

5. Moulin Bistro


Photo courtesy of @wandering_palate on Instagram

Distance: 7 minutes

Where to for authentic French breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee, dessert…? Moulin is the answer to life’s greatest questions. Or just life period. Yeah, we’ll go with the latter (this Choux a la Creme is proof).

6. SusieCakes


Photo Courtesy of @brefunefilleofficial on Instagram

Distance: 12 minutes

Who Susie is doesn’t matter (no offense, Susie!), because what she makes, definitely does. She’s bringing whoopie (pies) back, and her perfectly petite mini red velvet cupcakes (a mini version of a mini version of a cake???) make my RBF transform into the heart-eyes emoji. For non-cupcake fans, her 7-layer bars are low key the actual best.

7. Pandor Bakery and Cafe


Photo courtesy of @occityguide on Instagram

Distance: 12 minutes

Just across the street from SusieCakes, Pandor’s K2 Dornut (pictured), a croissant-based donut, is perhaps the most Insta-worthy treat of them all. Dripping with condensed milk and fruity pebbles, and layered with custard, bananas, and Nutella, it tastes even better than it looks. And, as you waddle out the door, faced with chocolate almond croissants, matcha chocolate tarts, and OMG bars (don’t ask), there is a 109% chance all of your self-control will implode.

8. Pain du Monde


Photo courtesy of @darkkniightt on Instagram

Distance: 8 minutes

Window shopping is my cardio – ain’t that the truth. Conveniently located in Fashion Island, Pain du Monde’s staple chocolate croissant satisfies chocolate, carb, and bread (bread is a food category by itself, no?) cravings all at once. #KeepingUpWithMyCravings over #KeepingUpWiththeKardashians all day, e’rryday.

9. Seaside Bakery


Photo courtesy of @kellyogeek on Instagram

Distance: 20 minutes

Haven’t you heard? Breakfast with a view is the new dinner with a view. Seaside is conveniently open 24/7, just two steps away from the beach. Some baked good (read: donut or ham and cheese croissant) paired with a green thai tea is the perfect way to start the day (aside from, you know, the clogging your arteries part). Or, for most UCI students, the perfect way to end the night.