If you're from the Los Angeles area, what do you miss most from home? Some people miss the beaches, while others miss the sun (especially compared to Chicago winters). For me, I miss the beloved desserts that make up LA. It's no question that the city features innovative desserts, but with so many trendy spots, how can one decide where to go? Well, don't worry, here are the 25 best desserts in Los Angeles that you need to try. 

1. The Panda Donut From California Donuts

I discovered California Donuts on Instagram after stalking all its trendy and photogenic pictures. Known for its colorful and decorated donuts, this shop's speciality treat is the Panda Donut, which is topped with an Oreo. These donuts are almost too cute to eat. Almost.

2. Cheese Rolls from Porto's Bakery

A Cuban delicacy, Porto's creamy, flaky cheese rolls have a cult following of loyal patrons. These loyal patrons will wait hours out the door just to grab a dozen freshly-baked pastries. Trust me, they are well worth the wait. 

3. Salted Caramel Pecan Pie from The Pie Hole

Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean you can't enjoy some good old pecan pie. The Pie Hole elevates classic pecan pie by adding salted caramel into the filling. Everything is better with salted caramel.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich from Diddy Riese

If you find yourself around UCLA, you need to try Diddy Riese. For only $2, you get a decent-sized ice cream sandwich. Not only is it super affordable, but you can customize it to meet your sweet tooth needs. Easily one of the best desserts in Los Angeles, that's for sure.

#SpoonTip: Not craving cookies? No worries, you can swap them out for brownies (for an additional cost, that is).

5. S'mores Bars from Village Bakery and Café

All the desserts from the Village Bakery and Cafe are scrumptious and homemade, but the one you need to get is the s'mores bar. The gooey marshmallows and graham cracker crust will make you feel nostalgic for those warm, s'more-making summer nights.

6. Ube Leche Flan Cupcake from Café 86

Known more commonly as taro, this decadent Filipino dessert is modernized at Café 86 by topping the moist ube cupcake not with frosting, but with flan. The flan topping is creamy in the center, making for a unique, very Instagram-worthy bite.

7. Macarons from Bottega Louie 

Feeling bad and boujee? Head downtown for a fancy brunch at Bottega Louie, an award-winning French patisserie known for its meringues, chocolates, and, of course, macarons. Bottega Louie's macarons are some of the best money can buy. I suggest trying out the Early Grey and Salted Caramel macarons. You can't go wrong with macarons.

8. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches from The MILK Shop

What's the only thing better than a well-crafted macaron? A macaron ice cream sandwich! The MILK Shop is one of the hottest spots in LA, and for good reason. These ice cream sandwiches come in flavors like Red Velvet, Thai Milk Tea, and, my personal favorite, Fruity Pebbles. They're the perfect way to cool off on a warm day strolling down Rodeo Drive.

9. Vanilla Celebration Cake from SusieCakes

As a lover of all things Funfetti, SusieCakes's Vanilla Celebration Cake seemed like a natural pick. With six layers of vanilla cake smothered in the shop's signature vanilla frosting, it's the perfect cake to celebrate any occasion, and I mean any: birthdays, anniversaries, beating LA traffic.

10. Chocolate Chip Cookies from Proof Bakery

Hailed the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Los Angeles, I crave these bad boys a lot more than I'd like to admit. Thankfully, I live within three blocks from the Atwater storefront and can get them while they're hot. If you're only in town for a couple of days, make sure you find free time to stop by from 8 am-4 pm, since this bakery has limited hours. 

11. Salted Caramel Pecan Roll from Sycamore Kitchen

Famous for its extensive and healthy brunch menu, the real gem at Sycamore's Kitchen is the dessert menu, which features items that are all freshly baked in-house. My go-to is the sticky bun, glazed in a gooey caramel sauce and sprinkled with a generous serving of pecans. And don't just take my word for it—it was featured in a Los Angeles Times's article about the best sweets in LA. 

12. Ice Cream from Wanderlust Creamery

Wanderlust Creamery made headlines earlier this year for releasing "Game of Thrones"-inspired flavors, but regardless of the time of the year, Wanderlust's menu is filled with flavors that you can't get elsewhere. Inspired by the founders' love for traveling, Wanderlust features ingredients from around the world, like Abuelita Champurrado and Earl Grey tea.

13. Assorted Pastries from 85°C Bakery and Cafe

My version of heaven is a carb frenzy, filled with freshly baked bread and pastries. 85°C Bakery and Cafe gets pretty close to this. It's a Taiwanese spot that serves high-quality coffee and treats for affordable prices. Stop by one of 85°C Bakery and Cafe's numerous SoCal locations to experience these delicious egg tarts and brioches yourself.

14. Red Velvet Brownies from DeLuscious Cookies & Milk

Brownies, in every shape and form, hold a special place in my heart. So when I tell you that I think I've found the best brownies in LA, don't take this lightly. DeLuscious's Red Velvet Brownies, complete with white chocolate chips, are tasty and rich. They're so good that you might end up buying some for the road. Did I mention you can also buy them online, for when you can't stop by the Hollywood storefront? You're welcome.

15. Churro Ice Cream Sandwich from Churro Borough LA

Churro Borough, which is conveniently located near the iconic Griffith Observatory, offers desserts as hip as the surrounding neighborhood of Los Feliz. Although I do love the Churro Fries dipped in chocolate sauce, the ice cream sandwich is what this place is known for. The warm fried churro encasing the small-batch ice cream is a combination you never knew you needed to try until now.

16. Vegan Donuts From Donut Friend

Donut Friend is not only a quintessential vegan-friendly spot if you're in LA, but it's also home to some of the most unique creations. You can get a Sriracha-infused donut if you're feeling adventurous, a coconut bacon-topped donut if you want to be a little healthier, or make your own donut for those days where you want to be artsy.

17. Ube Coffee Crunch Cake by B Sweet Dessert Bar

Sometimes, the only bar you need to go to is a dessert bar, and B Sweet Dessert Bar is here for those needs. Famous for its 40+ flavors of bread pudding, B Sweet's menu changes weekly, but you're guaranteed a delicious, warm slice no matter what you get. Because it is Filipino-owned, the Ube Coffee Crunch Cake is the one I suggest you get if it's available. If not, you've got plenty of options.

18. Hot Drinking Chocolate Amara Chocolate

Drinking chocolate is not to be confused with hot chocolate. Awarded for having some of the best hot chocolates in LA, this Venezuelan shop serves various types of homemade drinking chocolate. You can't go wrong with the original, but make sure to try the Raymond, which is topped with toasted salted caramel marshmallows.

19. Mochi from Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream

Looking for a change of scenery? Head to Little Tokyo near downtown LA and grab some authentic Japanese desserts. Mochi is my favorite, and Mikawaya is the place I go to whenever I'm craving some of those delicious rice ice creams. This shop sells them per pack of six, so go ahead and try out that red bean flavor, or stick to green tea.

20. Cruffins from Mr. Holmes Bakery

We've all heard of the cronut, but have you heard of a cruffin? Made out of croissant dough but shaped like a muffin, these goodies are filled with creams that rotate daily. Make sure you take a photo of your cruffin with Mr. Holmes' signature "I Got Baked in (city name)" sign in the background if you want the authentic LA experience.

21. Chocolate Hazelnut Babka from Cake Monkey Bakery

Babka has a special place in my heart. It's a sweet bread, typically filled with chocolate or cinnamon sugar, aka food of the gods. Although I think all chocolate babka is great chocolate babka, Cake Monkey Bakery's chocolate babka is different. It has the addition of the hazelnuts in the filling as well as the brittle on top to make for a pastry that's basically flaky Nutella bread. And I am here for it.

22. Green Tea Boba from Urth Caffé

You can't go to LA without getting boba. There are a ton of joints to try out, but my go-to is Urth Caffé, one of the most popular coffee shops in LA. Pair your earth green tea boba with a smoked salmon pizza or panini, and you've got yourself a healthy, good-looking meal.

23. Chocolate Bars from Compartes Chocolatier

Hailed the real life version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Compartes Chocolate is a premium confectionary shop that serves up chocolates loaded with every topping under the rainbow. From doughnuts and coffee bars to strawberries and cream truffles, these luxurious bites are well worth the cost.

24. Cookies from Milk Jar Cookies

Milk Jar Cookies may appear like your typical homemade cookies, but don't be fooled. Not only are they perfect consistency, but the recipe has been mastered, so everything from the original Chocolate Chip to crowd favorite Rocky Road will fulfill your childhood dreams. Bonus: You can subscribe to their Cookie of the Month Box if you're missing these delectable cookies.

25. Ice Cream from Cottonhi

I had to save one of the best desserts in Los Angeles for last. CottonHi has become an Internet sensation for its cotton candy and ice cream hybrid. In true LA fashion, this dessert is organic and comes in loads of fun flavors like Red Velvet and Tiramisu. Stop by the Korea Town location to grab this innovative treat.

There you have it. These are some of the best desserts in Los Angeles. It's a foodie's dream come true. You really can't compare the desserts in Los Angeles because they're so unique to this eclectic city. The next time you find yourself in the City of Angels, stop by a few of these places and discover some of your own favorites.