New Yorkers often follow various fads - whether it's going gluten free or eating healthy. They do so by swapping their pizza for a side of leafy greens (I wonder how they manage). So, for those of you who want to eat your weekly dose of veggies, follow a new fad or simply enjoy a scrumptious salad in the summer heat, here is a list of the best salads in NYC. 

1. Serafina 

This upscale Italian eatery has salads galore. From its sweet Spinach and Goat Cheese salad too its tangy Chopra salad, there are multiple options one can explore at Serafina. These salads are light and flavorful making them one of the best salads in NYC. 

2. Sweetgreens 

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Andrew Chang

From college students to office employees, everyone is a huge fan of  Sweetgreens. It aspires us to be to healthy and eat clean. Their seasonal specials, such as Strawberry Fields and Mexican Corn Elote bowl, is something no-one can beat.  

3. by CHLOE

by CHLOE is the vegan fast food joint that took New York by storm. From cupcakes to burgers to salads, each dish is  impeccable in both presentation and taste. But to go a little healthy at this place I recommend its Quinoa Taco and Kale Caesar salad - they're the best vegan salads you'll get in NYC. 

4. ABC Kitchen 

From its local organic ingredients to its original dishes, Chef Jean-Georges' ABC Kitchen has it all. The most popular are roast carrot and avocado salad, crunchy seeds, sour cream, and citrus salad and the kale salad with lemon, serrano chilies and mint. The combinations of the vegetables and the crunchiness of the seeds in these salads is extraordinary. 

5. Carbone 

Despite Caesar salad being staple on most menus, the one at Carbone is a class apart. It's use of threes types of cheese , two kinds of anchovies and the added twist of warm garlic croutons really makes it something special. 

6. Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

The freshness of the niçoise salad at Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery coupled with goat cheese ravioli make it a ravishing meal. 

7. Polo Bar

This chic bar and restaurant by Ralph Lauren has a large array of options. The mixture of the sweet corn, radish and creamy feta all come together to create a chopped salad like no other. 

8. Vandal

Whether you want to go greek with their greek salad, stay classic with their house salad or experiment with their shawarma salad. All of these salads are great option to order at Vandal for a great start to your luxurious meal. 

9. Jack's Wife Freda

Though the Greek Kale Salad at Jack's Wife Freda may appear mundane, its really not. The culmination of the typical greek salad mixes with a modern spin. The use of kale, as well as the chunky slab of feta that melts in your mouth with each bite, makes this salad an absolute delight. 

10. Somtum Der 

The Papaya Salad with salted egg is Somtum Der's delicacy. The sourness of the dressing, the crunchiness of the peanut and the simplicity of the shredded papaya gives this salad a unique taste. Not only that, but the traditional vibe of the restaurant makes this place a must visit. 

11. Fresh&Co

Though Fresh&Co might not be fancy and chic, it's the most convenient place to get a salad on the go. Whether you want to make your own or stick to a chef-designed classic, you won't go wrong with either. I'd choose between the Santa Fe or South Beach salads - but the choice is yours.  

Whether you want to have a quick healthy lunch or a nutritious and luxurious dinner salads will always be you best bet. They are refreshing, light and packed with flavor. The next time you want to indulge in a salad, this list of the best salads in NYC should come in handy.