The Kardashian-Jenner clan are taking the world by storm from Kendall's booming modeling career to Kylie's lip kit empire and Kim's expressive emoji's. They are making the world a more dashing place one step at a time.

Though Los Angeles is their home they often visit New York whether it is for fashion week, fittings or to promote their applications. For all the fans out their who want to be more like them (famous and fabulous) this list will help you get a step closer. So, can you keep up with all these delicious New York restaurants that have been featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians and its spin-off Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

1. Serafina Meatpackin

Serafina is an Italian lovers dream and a New Yorker's top pick for a hearty, wholesome meal. From the aromatic essence of truffle oil in the Di-Sophia to the freshness in its Goat Cheese and Spinach salad, Serafina always leaves you longing for more. The Kardashian's frequent this upscale Italian eatery as a quick lunch stop or indulge in a full sit-down dinner. This place is on top of the Kar-Jenner's families list when they come to the city, maybe you'll catch Kendall and her super model squad if you ever decide to stop in for a bite. 

If you do meet them you will probably see Kendall having the gluten-free fusilli with truffle sauce when she went there with her squad. While the others may share a  goat cheese pizza and chicken pillaird as they did once before. And who said models don't eat?

2. NoMo-Kitchen

NoMo-Kitchen is a chic and serene restaurant tucked away in the hotel Nomo-Soho. It has one of the best avocado toasts in the city and is operated under the helm of Chef Gary King. Can this place get any better? Yes, it can as its also another Kardashian hot spot in New York. In the episode 'The Big Launch', Kim and Khloe were spotted having a long lunch (with some dope looking pizza featured). The rustic vibe, unique brunch and the green landscaping make it seem like a paradise within the city. 

3. Paris Baguette

If you have ever stood in the cronut—that is a croissant donut for anyone who is living under a rock—line at Dominique Ansel Bakery and been let down, you aren't the only one. Though Kim didn't stand in line she demanded a cronut from her best friend slash "food god" Jonathan Cheban. However, Jonathan was unable to get her the OG Cronut and so he went to the trendy bakery Paris Baguette instead. 

4. Kitchenette 

Kitchenette is one of New York's most popular bakeries and every dish on the menu is guaranteed to taste like your mother's home cooking. Kourtney and Kim literally took New York in their spin-off Kourtney and Kim Take New York when they went to the bakery and ordered a large sprinkle cake to share. 

5. Le Cirque

When the bourgeoist circus comes to town in the form of high-end French flavors it can be called Le Cirque. The Kardashian families star-crossed couple went there for a date. The episode showcased Scott "the Lord" Disick appearing extremely nervous as he was going to propose to his long time girlfriend Kourtney. With a ring in his pocket and a reformed perspective on life ( for how long though? ) it seemed like he was minutes away from going down on his knee when Kourtney realized what he was up to. So, before things got awkward she shot him down. She told him the things are perfect the way they are between them and why mess it up (cliché much?). Not sure if that makes the restaurant a bad omen or not, but Le Cirque is where it all went down except Scott. 

6. Mercer Kitchen 

What is the best way for friends to make up? Share a meal at Mercer Kitchen. Kim and Jonathan Cheban had a small argument about him missing his massage appointment that he had booked months in advance for Kim's Cronut chase (mentioned above). So, to solve the matter she called him for a lunch date to his favorite restaurant in the city. Too top that off she even got his favorite soup back on the menu. Now is that friendship goals or what? 

7. il Mulino 

What is more fun than some sisterly bonding over drinks and pasta? In the episode 'The Big Launch', the whole sister gang along with Kylie's ex boyfriend, Tyga, were seen celebrating at iI Mulino the night before the unveiling of their individual iPhone applications. They sipped on red wine and shared some fun stories of the good old days. The highlight was the one of Kourtney getting slapped at a dinner party of thirty people. Ouch.On the food end Tyga had the costoletta alla parmesan, Kendall went for the rigatoni bolognese. Both Kim and Kylie also opted for some ravishing pasta. They even ordered sautéed spinach and broccoli for the table. But come on, I am sure that was just to keep their trainers pleased. 

8. Koi 

Koi is the Kar-Jenner's go to place in New York. Whether Scott and Kourtney visit the Bryant Park location on a date or the entire family dines at the one in Soho. The Kar-Jenner's jump at the opportunity to eat the imaginative sushi from Koi in a heartbeat. 

9. TAO Downtown 

TAO Downtown is part of a New Yorker's staple diet. It is the ideal location to go after a stressful week to unwind and enjoy a Blushing Geisha or TAO-tini. Khloe and Kourtney along with a few friends had a night around town at TAO with some cocktails, immense amounts of pan-asian food and a few good laughs. I am sure it was a night they would all remember—or maybe not after pounding some of the great cocktails?

But what I do remember was Kourtney talking to her friends about her relationship with Scott while sipping on a glass of Rosé champagne. When Simon Huck their friend asked her if she ever wanted Scott back in her life? She said not right now as a partner. She just wants to focus on herself and she feels that he really needs to learn how to separate his problems from hers. Do their troubles ever go away? 

#Spoon tip: Jonathan Cheban was having the sake and since, he is the "food god"" it must be real good? 

10.  Valbella 

Valbella is an upscale Italian restaurant in the Meatpacking district of the city. ValBella has one of the most awe-worthy wine collections in New York. While devouring some Carpaccio Di Manzo Khloe told Kim to dress like Kimmy from the block ( Casual and Chic ) for their upcoming trip to Queens, for the sisters could see where Lamar Odom grew up. Does Khlomar seems like a lifetime ago. Or is it just me? Khloe also paired an expensive glass of Champagne with her meal (we can all wish). 

11. STK Downtown & Rooftop 

This rooftop restaurant is a throwback to Kim's short-lived  wedding with Kris Humphries . A world without Kimye? Ugh. Kris and Kim went to STK Downtown & Rooftop for a date that was awkward just like their relationship. Kim K ordered a tuna tartar and pear endive salad without the blue cheese while stating she likes trying multiple appetizers instead of a whole meal. Kris Humphries told her he is moving all his stuff to LA so they can live together. Cause that is what married couples do. However, just when I thought thing couldn't get more awkward Kim told the cameras that she isn't comfortable with that step. Is it the end already? 

So whether you want to spend quality time bonding with your sis Kardashian style or just indulge in a delectable meal. These are a few spots in New York that you can hit up and maybe run into one of the famous ladies.