There have been a number of predictions for food fads in 2017, from the fading reign of kale to the emergence of "raw" cookie dough. Living in New York, and as NYU students, we have the opportunity to indulge in all the upcoming food fads without leaving the neighborhood. Here's where to try these up-and-coming trends around campus: 

1. Vegan fast food

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Sabrina Bell

Everybody's favorite vegan hangout, by Chloe, has been a madhouse since the day the doors opened. Vegan food, in general, has been an ongoing fad. It's air baked fries, Guac Burger and Quinoa Taco Salad are majorly popular amongst customers.

2. Spelt pasta 

Try it at Vapiano—a large number of people are interchanging the grain base of their pasta from typical flour to spelt fusilli or spaghetti. Spelt is a grain that has many nutrients including Vitamin B2, magnesium, and more, giving pasta a healthy kick. 

3.  Turmeric latte

Bluestone Lane Café is known for its avocado smash, and has a number of locations around NYU, but it's their te that's trending. This drink is both nutritious, soothing, and also gives you the perfect dose of caffeine required before class.

4. Matcha croissant

Union Fare bakery has croissants galore, and from birthday cake to red velvet, the options are never-ending. But the newly popular, matcha powder infused into the flaky croissant dough is a combination that is simply mouth-watering. 

5. Cookie dough

As if cookies itself weren't scrumptious enough, the cookie dough at  has taken this sugary dessert to a whole new level. With over a dozen flavors and combinations every bite is amazing—just be prepared for a long wait.

6. Poke

Though Pokémon GO is a trend no more, poke bowls are still very much in demand—and Pokespot is right by campus. The Hawaiian-style dish can be customized to your taste, whether you want rice, tuna or bonito flakes, you can build it as you go along. 

7. Grain bowls

Coco and Cru, yet another Australian café, serves chic and healthy grain bowls. They have three savory choices: super grains, shaved zucchini, and greens, all delicious and nutrient-rich. 

8. Sushi burrito

JP Street is one of the many spots near NYU where you can get the iconic (and controversial) sushi burrito. At this location, the Japanese/Mexican mash-up can accommodate vegetarians, too. 

9. Taco Tuesdays

Ok, it might not be a "trend," but taco Tuesday will always be in style. Otto Taco's is a prime location in the city that offers tasty tacos—coupled with frozen margaritas, these make for a guac-ing good meal.

10. Bugs 

At Toloache, the chapulines taco features a new trending food fad: Oaxacan-style dried grasshoppers. They are considered to be both beneficial and nourishing. We double-dog-dare you to try them.

11. Tricked-out cereal

Kith Treats makes your childhood dreams come true by allowing you to mix and match from 23 different cereals, an array of toppings, and four types of milk to give you a sweet experience like never before. 

12. Birthday cake doughnuts

Donut forget to celebrate your birthday with a made-to-order birthday cake mini doughnut at The Doughnut Project, checking off another happenin' food fad off your list. 

13. Cream-cheese stuffed bagel bites

Bagels are always in fashion, but these mini bagel bombs at Bantam Bagels are a unique concoction as they are stuffed with sweet and savory fillings. These creamy bagels burst in your mouth—a little sinful and a lot delicious. 

14. Zoodles (zucchini noodles)

Alternative forms of pasta have been gaining more and more prominence. The Grey Dog's zucchini spaghetti is one example that's wholesome, can be vegan, and satisfies your need for a carb-filled Italian meal. 

15. Snow cream

At bingbox, this Korean shaved-ice dessert gets a spin using trending flavors like matcha, sesame and taro. These flavors are infused into shaved ice or milk to create a light, delectable delicacy. 

16. Fermented foods 

This sandwich at Court Street Grocers has house-braised beef short rib, kimchi, roast broccoli, mayo on garlic bread. The flavors of the fermented kimchi get bolder with every bite. 

17. Mediterranean breakfast 

 With their vast Mediterranean-inspired brunch options, Jack's Wife Freda makes it hard to choose. The green shakusha is the most popular dish.

Now, get out there and embrace these 2017 fads while they last!