NYC vegan hotspot By CHLOE was founded by Chef Chloe Coscarelli, who first found fame on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Together with her business partner Samantha Wasser, she opened shop in the West Village, and has since expanded all the way to the West coast.

By CHLOE doesn't have the average tofu and vegetable mush you find at most vegan restaurants. This place could make anyone give up meat for good, and even better, it's junk food you can actually feel good about. 

1. Burgers

No bland, grainy patties here! Each burger is made with a unique blend, such as black bean-quinoa-sweet potato or tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut. And each also comes with its own set of buns and toppings. Go ahead, come every day of the week and try them all. You can have your burgers and eat them too. 

2. Fries

Air-baked regular and sweet potato fries are the perfect side to any burger or salad. If you dip them in Chloe's homemade beet ketchup, you're basically eating a salad. Speaking of which...

3. Salads

We usually feel that a salad isn't a meal if it doesn't have meat in it, but these salads changed our minds. The Quinoa Taco (bottom left) comes with spicy seitan chorizo, the best taco "meat" you'll ever encounter.

4. Weekend Brunch

Yes. You can pig out at Sunday brunch and actually feel good about it. For the health-conscious, there's 7-grain toast with raw almond butter, banana, and pure maple syrup. For something savory, try The Early Bird with a side of the quinoa hash browns.

But for those who want something more indulgent, I recommend Mom's Cinnamon Roll or the daily pancakes. 

5. Smoothies and Juices

Despite stereotypes, these are no kale and wheatgrass nonsense. The two daily smoothies, served from a whirling, Slurpee-like machine, come in two flavors: one fruity, one green.

6. Sweets

If her award-winning past is any indication, Chloe can bake. There are (obviously) always a variety of cupcakes, including her famous raspberry tiramisu. I also recommend the cookies, which come gluten-free or regular, and are heart-meltingly soft.

7. Mac 'n' Cheese

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The list wouldn't be complete without a mention of the mac n' cheese, which tastes even better than the creamy boxed Kraft from your childhood.

8. Ice Cream

If baked goods aren't your thing, try one of her five unique favors of vegan ice cream. They give our old pals Ben & Jerry a run for their money.