1. Bingbox Snow Cream Co

Serving shaved ice and premium drinks, Bingbox offers student discounts when you present them with a valid Student ID.

2. Soft Swerve

This place is known for their Ube (purple yam) flavored soft-serve. Their soft serve is subtle yet creamy and flavorful, something you can't find anywhere else!

3. Juicy Spot Cafe

Leonardo DiCaprio went to this place, so obviously you should too! Thai ice cream rolls have been around for a while now, and their Ferre-Roll Rocher is enough to satisfy every last bit of your chocolate craving. 

4. New Territories 

This dessert shop just opened recently and uses vanilla Van Leeuwen ice cream . All of their desserts are photo worthy, just like this Unicorn Parade Milkshake. So not only do you get to eat something spectacular, you'll up your Instagram game too! 

5. -321 ° Ice Cream Shop

Located in Williamsburg, this place serves liquid nitrogen ice cream with a variety of flavors to choose from. They also have what is called Dragon's Breath, which allows you to blow smoke out of your nose and mouth! What's cooler than that?

6. 10Below Ice Cream

Having multiple locations across the city, 10below has been killing it in the rolled ice cream game. Each flavor comes with unlimited toppings so you can order your heart's desire without emptying your wallet. 

7. Milk Bar

I would order everything off their menu if i could, but I can't so their cereal milk soft serve with cornflake crunch is my go-to. 

8. Ample Hills Creamery

With several locations in Brooklyn, Ample Hills serves fun and unique flavors with waffle, pretzel, and chocolate chip cones. If you are too indecisive and can't stick to one flavor, they allow you to get a "Flight Taste" where you can sample 6 flavors at once!

9.  Snowdays 

Home to a very adorable Yeti, Snowdays serves creamy shaved ice like no other. They recently opened up a Snowdays cafe near Barclays Center so be sure to check that out if you can!

10. Taiyaki NYC 

Taiyaki is originally a fish shaped cake with fillings such as red bean or sesame. This place took it to a whole other level by using the fish as a cone and added soft serve on top. They also created the 'croyaki' which is a hybrid of a crossaint and a taiyaki. 

Is your favorite ice cream shop on this list? If so, you have great taste! If not, well, there are simply too many ice cream shoppes to choose from. Whether they serve traditional ice cream or new innovative creations that blows everyone's minds, no matter the place, be sure to bring a friend along for the ride!