Nothing it more powerful than holding all five food groups in your hand, which is easily done when eating a loaded hoagie. The heart of these sandwiches, which you may call a sub sandwich, is found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not to be confused with cheesesteaks, hoagies come in many sizes and colors. If you ever find yourself in the city of brotherly love, here are the 11 best hoagies in Philly and where exactly to find them.

1. Carmen's Famous Italian Hoagies & Cheesesteaks

The Reading Terminal Market is heaven in a building that makes it hard to choose where not to eat, but Carmen's is an essential stop as the line out the door speaks for itself. 

2. D' Alessandro's Steaks and Hoagies 

Don't let the name fool you. Their hoagies give their own cheesesteaks a run for their money, so stop by to try for yourself. Take note of the fresh ingredients as they are constantly having items delivered to cater to their bustling business. 

3. Primo Hoagies 

Call them hoagies or don't call them anything when ordering from Primo Hoagies, which originated in Philly. They have maintained their passion for good Italian subs as they have expanded to more locations outside of the city, simply spreading the hoagie joy. 

4. Sacrone's Deli

The long wait it worth it, giving people a reason to drive from out of town just for these fresh roles and oiled sandwiches. They combine homemade comfort with gourmet flavor, which is what makes them so remarkable. 

5. Marinucci's Deli 

You get your money's worth here, but that's not all. You'll want to ignore any standard serving sizes when you taste these huge hoagies with their thinly cut produce and meat. Challenge yourself to finish the whole thing. 

6. Lennie's Hoagies

You can't be considered one of the best hoagies in Philly without keeping it interesting. They offer everything from a breakfast hoagie to unique condiments, such as cajun mayo. You can stay here from open to close with a menu like that.  

7. Fink's Hoagies 

Hoagies do not have to be a simple on-the go meal, and Fink's knows this. They put the delicacy in gourmet sandwiches with a big menu and custom creations. 

8. Cosmi's Deli  

Their award winning menu is influential in combination with their fresh bread and ingredients. Founded in 1932, they've seen the changing world of sandwiches and taken inspiration from only the best. 

9. George's Sandwich Shop

Hidden in the Italian market, this place is small but mighty. Roast pork seems to be their claim to fame, but it is easy to argue that everything from their tripe to Italian sausage is worth trying. 

10. Paesano's Philly Style 

Their mouthwatering menu is a mix of traditional Italian flavors and new creations, giving reason to their quick rise in popularity. They even offer gluten free rolls, which shows their attention to what the customers need. 

11. WaWa

Luckily for all of us, this hoagie is not exclusive to Philly but still a huge source of pride for the city. You'll find this convenience store on about every other block serving any combination of hoagie you would need. Wawa returns the love with their Hoagiefest, but Wawa love is a lifetime affair.

The best hoagies in Philly are a must have meal or two when visiting, but they are a routine part of any city slicker's diet. No matter what you call them, the fresh ingredients that make up a hoagie are a classic Philly balanced meal.