I recently went to Philadelphia to visit my sister. Even though I had been to Philly before, I had never been to Reading Terminal Market. All I knew about the place was that it was an indoor market and was featured in one of my favorite movies, National Treasure.

Here are my observations when I went to Reading Terminal Market for the first time:

1. Finally, I'm here.

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2. Why is it called Reading Terminal Market?*

*Reading Terminal Market is housed in a former train shed, known as Reading Terminal.

3. Oh my god there are so many donuts.

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4. How am I supposed to pick a coffee booth?

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5. I see a peanut butter cup with M&M's on it. I'm never leaving this building.

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6. Wow, there are great looking fruits and veggies. I would totally be willing to take broccoli back on the train with me.

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7. I can see how this was a great hiding place for Abigail Chase in National Treasure.

8. There are so many people here. This is the best type of chaos.

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9. Is there a system to this?

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10. Too much to eat, too little time.

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11. What is with Philly and pretzels?

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12. How do I arrange to live here?

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13. How old is this market?*

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*Reading Terminal Market opened shop in the mid 1800s.

14. I wish it wasn't 10 a.m. because I would totally get ice cream.

15. There are so many cookies to choose from.

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16. Why do they say hoagies like that?

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17. I can't believe this place is right in Center City.

18. I want to buy every single bag of candy I see.

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19. Why did I eat breakfast before coming here?

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20. If I lived in Philly I would for sure go broke at Reading.

pizza, mozzarella
Maddy McGunagle

21. How do I maximize my time here before my train back to DC?

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22. When can I come back here?*

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*I thought this while still in the building.

23. This market is my new home.

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Obviously I really liked Reading Terminal Market. I'm already planning my trip back. Those donuts and hoagies will be there with open arms to welcome me home.