The food scene in Athens, Georgia is an eclectic compilation of different flavors, cultures, and cuisines - but can you still get a diverse eating experience as a vegan or vegetarian? The answer, thankfully, is yes. Many restaurants located throughout Athens offer unique meatless meals that won’t leave you  stuck eating salads day in and day out. Here are the 10 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Athens, GA.

Best Overall: The Grit

It is no secret that The Grit is a favorite spot of vegans and vegetarians who set foot onto UGA’s campus. The Grit boasts a fully vegetarian menu with many vegan options such as a seitan gyro or hearty black bean chili. One thing The Grit is known for are their large portion sizes and overflowing platters. Stop on in to this local hot spot and you will be sure to leave with a full stomach!

Best for a Fancy Meal: Last Resort Grill

Do you have in-laws coming in to visit for the weekend? Is your best friend’s birthday coming up soon? If you are looking for a slightly more upscale dining experience, the Last Resort Grill is the perfect solution. Last Resort takes the stiffness and snobbiness out of a fancy meal. Many of the dishes on the menu feature locally sourced produce and they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Best Breakfast: Mama's Boy

If you have ever wanted to devour a biscuit that is as big as your head, Mama’s Boy is the perfect restaurant for you. Known for their classic southern breakfast options, Mama’s Boy feels just like stepping into your grandmother's house for a hearty meal of biscuits and jam.

Best Pizza: Mellow Mushroom

For anyone who thinks that going vegan means giving up on the ooey, gooey goodness that is pizza, you are wrong, and Mellow Mushroom is here to prove it. Mellow Mushroom closes at midnight on the weekends and is the perfect spot to chow down on some good-for the-soul italian treats. Offering pizzas, calzones, and hoagies, vegetarians and vegans will flip over their huge amount of meatless meals.

Best Brunch: Big City Bread Cafe

Enjoying a fabulous meal in the outdoor courtyard of the Big City Bread Cafe under twinkle lights is nothing but magical. From a vegetable saute with tempe, a biscuit sandwich with soysage, or a classic stack of powdered sugar french toast, Big City Bread has an abundance of vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes.

Best Fresh Produce: Heirloom Cafe

The Heirloom Cafe is all about celebrating local farmers and fresh produce and that theme is seen all across their eclectic menu. What could be more Georgian than a peach salad with a fresh buttermilk dressing?

Best Drinks and Food: Trapeze Pub

Located in the heart of downtown Athens, Trapeze Pub is the perfect place to sit down and grab a meal and drink after a long day of boutique shopping. The menu is vast featuring anything from crispy sweet potato fries, indulgent cheese plates, a veggie reuben, and vegan spaghetti puttanesca. For those who are of age, Trapeze Pub also offers beer and wine menus to supply the perfect accompanying drink for any meal.

Best Sweet Treat: Cinnaholic

Some days, you will find yourself craving a hot, gooey, and sugary treat, and cinnaholic is here to deliver the perfect solution. Cinnaholic offers 100% vegan cinnamon rolls with customizable frosting flavors and toppings. The motto of these indulgent treats is no doubt, ”treat yourself.”

Best Mexican Food: Cali N Tito’s

Cali N Tito’s is a popular outdoor eatery found on Lumpkin Street near the UGA campus. The vibrant decorations and communal feel at the restaurant provide a unique experience for anyone looking for a meal with latin flare. The avocado salad is every millennial's dream and the menu is chock full of delicious veggie tamales, burritos, and tacos.

Best Lunch: The National

For anyone searching for a big, juicy, meatless burger for lunch, look no further. The National is a classy restaurant that offers the infamous Impossible Burger with all of the classic toppings. The restaurant itself makes you feel as though you have just landed on Greek soil as it is decorated in typical mediterranean fashion with blue and white decorations.


For anyone visiting or living in Athens, the food scene is sure not to disappoint. Whether you want a light salad and homemade soup or a big, cheese drenched veggie burger, you can find it all here in Athens.