If you ever find yourself wondering through Athens, GA, hungry for some tacos, you might be quickly overwhelmed by the number of taco dining options just downtown. How can so many taco restaurants exist in such a concentrated area?

While all these restaurants might serve the same type of food, they each offer their own style that makes the dining experience unique. Here’s a list of some of the best taco places near the downtown area of Athens to satisfy all your cravings.

Be sure to visit the annual Athens Taco Takedown happening this October where you can sample the best from taco creations almost all of these fine restaurants and more. 

 1. Fuzzy's Taco Shop 

Aparna Kanjhlia

While Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may not be unique to Athens, with its convenient location near the Georgia Theatre and other hotspots, it couldn’t be ignored. Fuzzy’s is perhaps known best for their large specialty margaritas, some of which include a whole bottle of beer or champagne on top.

Fuzzy’s is also unique for being the only restaurant on this list to offer breakfast tacos with choice of egg, cheese, bacon, and more. With its large outdoor patio area, Fuzzy’s makes for a perfect hangout for both late night partying and fun taco brunches. 

2. Barberitos 

salsa, tacos
Rebecca Buechler

A true staple of Athens, Barberitos was founded in Athens in 2002. Since then, it has spread to six locations across Athens, including UGA’s student center, and 50 other locations across the South East.

Barberitos differentiates itself from other small chain Tex-Mex restaurants by having a healthy initiative incorporated into their menu. This menu includes lighter options for their traditional orders including the Health Soft Taco and the Healthy Jerk taco.

So when you’re downtown and craving tacos, but don’t want to overwhelm your stomach, head to Barbs.

3. Taco Stand

burrito, cream, chips, salsa
Nicole Landry

The Taco Stand is another classic downtown eatery for the Athens crowd, and it’s been locally owned since 1977. While the unassuming exterior might not draw you in at first, the delicious deals and generously poured margarita pitchers certainly will.

Not only is the food budget friendly, but their tasty tacos are also easily customizable with vegan and vegetarian friendly options. Start your night at the Taco Stand for your pre-party eats and drink. 

4. Takorea 

meat, rice, pepper, vegetable, chicken
Nicole Landry

Takorea is one of the newest additions to the downtown restaurant scene as it opened in the Spring of 2017. Atlanta residents may recognize this Korean-Mex fusion with two of its locations being in Midtown and Upper Westside.

One their most popular items is their sesame fries, lightly seasoned with sesame oil, slightly sweet, and served with chipotle ketchup. Pair these with a spicy Korean BBQ pork taco, and you’ve got yourself a uniquely satisfying meal.

Come in after 10 pm on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, for late night deals on several of their classic menu items. 

5. Taqueria Tsunami 

guacamole, avocado, chili, tomato, chicken, tacos, salsa
Nicole Landry

Taqueria Tsunami is perhaps the most upscale taco locations on this list. The menu features a long list of taco flavor options as well as an extensive selection of premium cocktails and craft beers. While some might confuse its name with the similar sounding and previously mention Korean-Mex fusion restaurant, Taqueria Tsunami remains unique by incorporating flavors from all types of Asian cooking.

Some of their favorite tacos include the Shrimp Tempura, the Thai Chicken, and the Aloha Taco. Taqueria Tsunami would be an excellent choice for a fun date night or a classy girl’s night out.

6. Cali N Tito's

banana, cheesecake, ice, waffle, cream, ice cream, chocolate
Samira Kanetkar

Cali N Tito’s may be slightly outside of downtown, but it’s certainly worth the trip. Cali N Tito’s is a Cuban restaurant with two locations, one being eclectic shack on Lumpkin and the other being a lively indoor courtyard on Cedar Shoals, a favorite destination to bring the parents.

With $1.85 tacos, this spot is by far one of the most affordable. Make sure to bring cash to Lumpkin street location, because they won't except card.

Along with tacos, their menu features classics like fried sweet plantains, empanadas, and a cheesy Cuban sandwich.

Whether you’re eating with peers or parents, Cali N Tito’s has the perfect combination of delicious food and exciting atmosphere.