In addition to its rich history, renowned university, and beautiful scenery, Athens, GA is also known for its unique nightlife. Take a walk into any late-night Athens restaurant downtown on almost any night of the week and you're bound to see at least ten people from high school, a couple football players, and even that one girl from your history class.

After a long night out, many shuffle from restaurant to restaurant looking for cheap food to satisfy their late-night cravings. Here are the best downtown spots to grab a quick bite after a night out in the Classic City.

1. Eddie's Calzones

As portable, less messy versions of pizza, calzones make a great option for a post-downtown meal. Open everyday until 4am, Eddie's Calzones serves up amazing pizza pockets at an affordable price. Whipping up almost any flavor imaginable, including the Steak n' Tater, Lasagna, Sausagefest, and even dessert calzones.

Each monster-sized calzone only costs $8 before tax. And for those on a super tight budget, they offer a Calzone of the Day for $5.

If you're extra hungry, try the loaded cheese curly fries or the chicken wings. 

2. Takorea

lettuce, chicken, pork, beef, sandwich, tacos
Aparna Kanjhlia

Located conveniently next to Bourbon Street, Takorea serves up unique Mexican-Asian fusion until 2:30am, Thursday through Saturday. Offering signature Takos, burritos, nachos, and renowned sesame fries, their items are sure to win over any fusion fan.

Their weekday specials will satisfy not only your 2am cravings, but also your wallet savings. And if, for some reason, you happen to be out on a Monday night, regular burritos are just $5. 

3. The Grill 

The Grill was one of the very first DT restaurants I ever tried, and I've been in love with their Philly Cheesesteaks ever since. Located right across from The Arch, The Grill serves as the essential 24-hour Athens diner..

Their menu has everything from the classic cheeseburger with fries to breakfast served midnight to noon daily. The Grill is a great spot if you don't mind spending a little more for a sit-down place with a college town feel. 

4. Little Italy

A college town staple, Little Italy churns out slices of fresh, cheap, homemade pizza until 3am Fridays and Saturdays. Boasting a 4 star Yelp rating, this hole-in-the-wall pizzeria might not serve much, but they excel at what they do. With ginormous slices starting at just $2.50, expect lines of hungry college students until closing time. 

5. Zaxby's Downtown

While I personally consider myself a Chick-fil-A fan, there's no denying that a Nibblerz meal at 1am is basically the food of the gods. Open until 3am Friday and Saturday, you can find this Zaxby's right in the heart of downtown. The location, prices, and familiarity make this a reliable choice for late-night grub. 

6. Waffle House

Perhaps the South's most popular breakfast spot, Waffle House opened DT in 2012 and has been packed ever since. Essential for every college budget, I rarely spend more than $5 for my usual order of sweet tea, hash browns and a bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit.

Sadly, cheap food does draw a horde, so make sure to go at off-times (not 2am) to avoid large crowds. Open 24 hours, "Waho" serves up All Star breakfasts and more for even the latest of night owls. 

7. Barberitos

Regarded by many as the Moe's of Athens, Barberitos serves burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, bowls, and salads until 3am Fridays and Saturdays. Located conveniently on Clayton street, this Classic City staple satisfies large crowds until close. Plus, free salsa! 

8. Insomnia Cookies

chocolate, cookie, peanut, butter, peanut butter
Jessica Kelly

With fresh baked cookies to satisfy any late night sweet tooth, Insomnia Cookies stays open (and delivers) until 3am everyday. From chocolate chunk to S'mores, Insomnia also offers the option of making a cookie or brownie à la mode. Seating is limited, but that just makes for a dessert filled stroll back to campus after a night out.