As much as we love the newfound independence, some of the best times in college is when mom and dad come to town. When they choose to treat us to a free meal, it means no more microwave meals, take-out or ramen.

So, to make the important decision of where to get these fabulous and rare edible meals, I have made a list of the best places to take your parents so that you, and your parents, may get the most out of their visit.

1. Five Bar

Five Bar is a popular attraction especially on weekends, but they also have some of the best food and drink in town, including Uptown Shrimp, baked avocado, and a Bloody Mary bar.

Stop in for Sunday Jazz brunch, featuring chicken and waffles with a live jazz music.

2. Big City Bread Cafe

cheese, bacon
Kelly Duggan

This restaurant has great outdoor seating for a nice day along with arguably the best lamb burgers in Athens. If you're going for Sunday brunch, they're exclusive menu includes specialty omelettes, quiches, and French toast.

Want to bring the entire family? Big City Bread is dog-friendly so that your pup can dine with you as well.

3. Rooftop at the Georgia Theater

Parents love to feel part of your college experience. Georgia Theater Rooftop is an excellent place to give them just that without scaring them with some of the other bars you may go to.

More importantly, they serve food. And you do not have to be 21, so you don't have to leave your little brother or sister home.

4. Clocked!

bun, cheddar, cheese, bacon
Marisa Stout

After walking around all day, take Mom and Dad to Clocked! for Classic Burgers in a casual atmosphere.

Dare them to branch out with one of their not-so-traditional burgers. Their peanut butter burger is actually quite addictive. 

5. The National

The National serves Mediterranean-inspired food and wine, with ingredients grown by local farmers. Chef Peter Dale (who also owns Seabear Oyster Bar and Condor Chocolates) Hugh Acheson (who also owns Five & Ten, Empire State South and The Florence) bring The National menu to life in Athens, Georgia. The menu offers interesting desserts such as basque cake, flourless chocolate cake and Condor Chocolates.

6. The Globe

The Globe always seems to be a go-to for dads. It has an casual, laid back atmosphere that is really appealing for a lunch spot or a drink on their couches for Happy Hour.

If you do find yourself at The Globe during your parents' visit, be sure to try a burger with their famous feta fries. Be warned though, you may be in for a deep food coma afterwards.

7. Pauley's Crêpe Bar

syrup, crepe, sweet, pastry, cake, cream, chocolate
Hui Lin

Pauley's is an iconic Athens hang out and hosts a variety of celebrations. Whether you come for the fabulous dessert crêpes, Savory Crêpes, addictive appetizers or one of their unique cocktails before dinner, parents will love this local spot, too.

8. Walker’s Pub & Coffee

Walker’s has a chill, hipster atmosphere, and whips up a great cappuccino. Parents enjoy sitting back in the spacious benches and relaxing over a nice cup of coffee or drink while they catch up with you. Whether you go in the morning for breakfast or at night for a night cap, Walker’s will not disappoint.

9. Shokitini

rice, sushi
Samantha Fehd

If you and your family are a sushi lovers, this is the place for you. Shokiniti is hands down the best sushi joint in town. Shokitini is unique because they have karaoke rooms for private parties and their teriyaki chicken is served in a fresh pineapple. My word of advice, sit at the sushi bar because you will get a free desert.

10. Cali-N-Tito's

This local Cuban restaurant not only brings a new palate to Athens, but it's probably the only one in town that allows you to bring your own beer. Located near South campus and farther from the downtown scene, it's the perfect break from the crowd. Don't forget to take in the picnic-style seating and eclectic decor.