Walk into any major event at UGA and you're bound to see at least ten Papa John's boxes followed by a crowd of hungry college kids, with half of them just there for the free food. I can't tell you how many times I've been handed a slice just walking through Tate Plaza. After all, Athens, GA pizza is college student fuel. 

While I'll never turn down free delivery-style pizza, sometimes I'm in the mood to spend a bit more for the right slice. Whether you're a fan of ultra-greasy, authentic, or artisanal, here are the best places to grab some Athens, GA pizza (listed in no particular order). 

1. Ted's Most Best

Running at $8 a pie, this spot is located at the edge of downtown on Washington Street. Ted's serves up 10-inch pizzas in artisan varieties such as Margherita, Florentine, and Bacon and Egg. Perfect for a solo treat or to share, Ted's Most Best's personal pans will make even the greediest of eaters want to trade a slice with a friend. 

2. Mellow Mushroom

pesto, cilantro, pizza
Samantha Fehd

This funky Athen, GA pizza joint was established in Atlanta and holds a prominent spot on my list due to its immaculate, crispy-yet-doughy crust, and unique toppings like pesto chicken, tempeh, and portobello mushrooms.

In addition to interesting combinations like the Mega Veggie, Ribeye Pie, and Funky Q Chicken (my personal favorite), they also have a wide selection of vegan and gluten free options

Make sure to stop by on game days as it also doubles as a sports bar!

3. Automatic Pizza

mozzarella, pizza
Hallie McGuinness

Approaching Normaltown, just on the edge of downtown, Automatic Pizza dishes out extra delicious, extra large, and extra crispy pizza seven days a week. Known for it's whopping 20-inch pies, this Athens-founded restaurant suits large crowds with varied appetites, thanks to its diverse selection of toppings. 

With slices starting at just $2, their menu also caters towards single eaters and cheap lunch dates. 

4. Transmetropolitan

Locally known as "Transmet," this was the first Athens, GA pizza place I visited in Athens, and it definitely kicked off my journey for the perfect slice with high standards. This restaurant brings upscale vibes thanks to its relatively steeper (but worth it) prices, lavish decor, and wide drink selection.

Although slices run for just $2.25, toppings will set you back $1.04 each. 

5. Little Italy

Athens' ultimate hole-in-the-wall, Little Italy dishes out deliciously greasy slices at a college student's price point Monday through Saturday. Open until 2 AM weekends, their pizza practically screams hangover food.

As they're usually pretty packed most nights, I recommend taking a slice to-go to fuel the walk home from a night DT. 

6. Your Pie

Established right here in Athens, with multiple locations around town, Your Pie stresses one single aspect of pizza making: individuality. Customize your pizza by choosing between three types of dough, five varieties of sauce and cheeses (including vegan cheese), and over 20 toppings.

If you're not feeling super creative, their six signature flavors will make a satisfying decision for you.

7. Peppino's Pizzeria

Known for their large slices, Peppino's serves up authentic New York style pizza on Milledge Avenue, just outside of downtown. A sister restaurant of Little Italy, they feature the same bang-for-your-buck pies, just in a more parking-friendly location than downtown. 

8. Mama Sid's Pizza

Described in a Yelp review as a "no frills pizzeria," Mama Sid's has kept Athens customers satisfied for over twenty years. They feature specialty pizzas for carry out and delivery, but most visit for their $5 lunch buffet.

Sadly, they're only open until 9:30 Monday through Saturday, so make sure to stop by before hitting up downtown for a night out. 

9. Amici

Native to Georgia, Amici has been dishing out pies to Bulldawgs since 2010. Known by many for their one-of-a-kind flavors including the "Beefeater," "Lemon Pepper Steak," and "Pineapple Express," they also offer a unique featured flavor each month.

#SpoonTip: Visit on Sundays for an XL pizza for the same price of a large.  

10. DePalma's Italian Cafe

Probably the fanciest of the bunch featured, DePalma's Italian Cafe makes up for their higher prices with high quality ingredients like prosciutto, wild mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives.

Ranging from $20-25 a pie (they don't sell individual slices), this cafe caters more towards the "bring-your-parents" crowd, rather than students looking for a cheap slice.