Every Friday and Saturday night, my friends and I pile into my room, dial up the nearest Papa's, and order a large cheese pizza, medium bread sticks, and a cinnamon pull-apart bread like clockwork. We then precede to circle around the boxes and chow down, as if it was a Thanksgiving feast, debriefing the night and laughing over all the things we should’ve done instead of ordering pizza.

Although some of my friends will wake up and be upset about breaking their diets, they never regret that tasty pie, and always come back. Papa J’s has become a way of life for us. As a devoted New Yorker and pizza lover, I often find myself craving a slice of Papa John's even amongst those New York City street-side grab-a-slices. So to break it down, here are some of the reasons that Papa John’s is point blank the best pizza around.

1. It Doesn't Break The Bank

It's very hard for us college kids to find an affordable, yet delicious option—and Papa John's is exactly that. You won't find anything as cheap or tasty, and if you're like me, that is exactly what you're looking for. You have to try to spend over $20 if you don't go OD on ordering your meal.

They also always offer specials. For example, during football season, you can get four large pizzas, 45 chicken poppers, a brownie, and two 1-liter bottles of soda all for $49.99. Or, two large pizzas with up to ten toppings for just $22! So call up your local Papa's, gather some friends, split the cost, and make this pizza cost next to nothing. 

2. The Cinnamon Pull-Apart

cinnamon, apple, bread, pie, cinnamon roll
Connor Howe

I know this might sound a bit far fetched but let me tell you, Papa John's Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread is probably one of the best things I have ever eaten. You may be thinking to yourself, "just how good can a dessert from a pizza place actually be?" But just one bite and you're hooked, and before you know, it the whole pull-apart is gone.

It's the perfect mix of cinnamon, bread, and just a hint of white frosting that makes up this heavenly combo. The first time my friends and I ordered this, we didn't have high hopes. However, after eating it one time, we will never go back. 

3. It's So Underrated

Now, Papa John's has far from a good reputation in the world of ordering pizza. Even I used to turn my nose when I would pass one at an I-95 rest stop. But I can't imagine ordering anything else when I'm craving some pizza after four hours in the library. Trust me, I'm a huge food snob and I love Papa J's. This makes it the best because it will become a trend and when it does, you'll be ahead of the game. 

4. Delivery as Fast as Fast Food

I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's the great service and diligence that gets the pizza here in sometimes under 30 minutes. One time, my friends and I were, by our definition, on the brink of starvation and after what felt like only two seconds (and by that I mean 25 minutes), the pizza was there—WOWZAS. We rejoiced like you wouldn't even believe. It was one of the best moments of our lives and of college (at least at the moment).

5. The Actual Pizza

pizza, crust, chicken, cheese
Mia Catillo

Normally, I always order thin crust, but the Papa John's has killer crust that is ironically thick. With just the right amount of sauce and topped with, what I'm hoping is, real cheese, it's the perfect piece of pizza. My words don't do it justice. You need to experience it on your own. 

6. It Sobers You Up Like Nothing Else

Some say drink water, step into the sauna, or "just go to bed." I say "Call Papa's (they close at 1am), order that pizza, and eat it with a smile." Let me take you back to the night before Thanksgiving break, when I was homework free and made some questionable decisions with my good friends...

Let's just say one thing led to another and suddenly we were all 10 shots deep and had a severe case of the spins. We all knew we had to do something or we'd have pounding heads and upset tummies in the morning. So we ordered some Papa's, sobered up, and I felt so good on that flight home, I'd do it all over again in the blink of an eye. 

7. The Lighter Choices

For the health nuts who are reading this article and think Papa John's "is so fattening," you should take a look at the healthy section of the menu (yes, it does exist). With flavors like Hawaiian, chicken and veggie, Mediterranean veggie, and grilled chicken with Canadian bacon, there's no way you can't find something healthy.

Despite these advantages, you can't have Papa every day, so indulge when you can. As they say, everything in moderation. Remember these things the next time you're looking for some quality pizza and not looking to spend a whole pay check on it.