By the time Sunday morning rolls around, there is only one thing on our hungover minds: brunch. And sometimes, the best way to nurse a hangover is to just keep drinking and to enjoy lots and lots of yolk porn.

Athens is known for amazing food, so when it comes to brunch, we’ve got ya covered. Here are the top seven brunch spots you need to hit next weekend.

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1. Five Bar

It is my firm belief that you can never truly go wrong with Five Bar. Every Sunday, they feature live jazz music and a bloody Mary bar that is too good to be true. Even though there are only five entrees, the struggle is real when forced to choose just one.

2. Last Resort Grill

Brunch at 2? Fine with me.

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Last Resort may be known for their lunch and dinner, but their brunch is on point. Tired of your typical OJ and champagne? Try their blood orange mimosa.

3. The Grit

When you love getting breakfast with bae. And bae is yourself.

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The Grit has amazing brunch food regardless if you are a vegetarian or not. Their breakfast burrito is enough to put anyone in a food coma for the rest of their day.

4. Mama’s Boy

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Mama’s Boy is the reigning champion of breakfast food. With some of the biggest and best biscuits in all of Athens, they’ve got brunch on lockdown.

5. Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market

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Anything smothered in pimento cheese is a friend of mine, and if I can get it on a biscuit then sign me up.

6. Big City Bread

If you can’t get up in the morning without a breakfast of eggs, then Big City Bread is for you. With an eggs benedict like this, you won’t be sorry.

7. The Pine

One of the newer restaurants in Athens, not many people know to check out The Pine for brunch. However, don’t miss their biscuit sandwiches come next weekend.