I have vacationed on Martha's Vineyard since I was born, and my mom has done the same, so I have tried out quite a few restaurants. While narrowing my favorites down was a challenge, I managed to think up my top ten suggestions. They range in both price points and types of food for every kind of restauranteur. They also range in location, so if you're doing a day trip in any town, you're sure to find a restaurant to boot.

1. Sharky's Cantina

A tried and true favorite amongst both tourists and locals, Sharky's is a great restaurant for really good (and reasonably priced) Mexican food. My current favorite is the Grandios Burrito which has enough food for an army (or for dinner and then lunch at the beach the next day). 

2. Copper Wok

This restaurant is owned by the same person as Sharky's (and also MV Chowder Company), and the food is just as good. They have a great mix of classic and adventurous rolls for everyone in your party. And if you go, you have to try the Cold Sesame Noodles they are to die for. 

3. Behind the Bookstore/Espresso Love/Mocha Mott's

So, I sort of cheated with the "top ten," but since these are my favorite coffee shops, I thought it was only fair. Mocha Mott's has two locations and is great for a quick cup of coffee or their iced chai is amazing. Espresso Love has great pastries and also a great cup of coffee.

Behind the Bookstore is a great place to relax in the morning before a busy day of...lying on the beach. It's tucked behind a bookstore (hence the name) and is covered in ivy and string lights and is great to grab a cappuccino and a book and hang out. They also have actual food as opposed to a quick bite like the other two, so also a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner destination. 

4. Bangkok Cuisine

I know that Thai on the Vineyard might seem like an odd one, but I'm telling you this place is so good. I get the same thing every time I go: Noodle Soup and Chicken Fried Rice and it has never disappointed. It's a little further back in Oak Bluffs, but totally worth the walk.

5. The Black Dog Tavern

Besides the cheesy shirts, the Black Dog company also has a restaurant (as well as a bakery), that has really good classic New England dishes like crab cakes, clam chowder, and lobster. If you're visiting the area, or just love seafood, definitely try this place out to get into the New England spirit! They have two locations, though one is more casual and better for a quick bite. 

6. Atlantic

The Atlantic is where you definitely want to go when your parents are picking up the tab, but it's also definitely worth the prices. The food is a good mix of seafood and regular burgers or salads, so if you have a picky eater with you, everyone can find something they like. And if you do go, get the King Crab Guacamole and thank me later.

7. Lola's

While their dinner is also great, the reason I have gone to Lola's so many times is because of a little thing called "Buck A Shuck". Basically, they have oysters and clams on the half shell for $1 from 4 to 7 pm every night, which makes it a great place to stop and subdue your hunger between the beach and eating a legit dinner. It's also a really cute and casual atmosphere with simple tables on a lawn for the Buck A Shuck.

8. Farm Neck Golf Club Cafe

This is a really great rainy day lunch place, but also great for dinner. Again, the atmosphere is really nice, this time with a tree casually lounging in the middle of the restaurant. It's tucked away in Oak Bluffs, and although I'm not a golfer, apparently the course is very nice if you're looking for lunch and an activity. 

9. Rockfish

Rockfish just opened in 2014 and is already one of my absolute favorite restaurants on the island. They have great classic food like steak or salmon as well as interesting flatbreads and appetizers, like poutine. 

10. Tony's Market

A great place to grab some groceries, Tony's Market also has great sandwiches to bring to the beach (their Grilled Chicken Pesto panini is so good) as well as coffee. They're very reasonably priced and even have a punch card for both sandwiches and coffee and who doesn't love a good punch card?

There are literally dozens of other restaurants on the island, but these are my top "10". The most important thing at all of the places is that they're something for everyone so if you're a picky eater, just ask the waiter or waitress their opinion. It's always worked for me in the past.