If you’re anything like me, you like ready-made meals, sit down meals, meals in the morning, meals in the afternoon, meals at midnight and meals at any time in between. The island of Martha’s Vineyard, although small, has all of these options that only experienced “tourists” like me know of.

If you ever find yourself on the island and you love good food, then this article is for you. Here are ten of my favorite spots for all of my, and your taste buds’ needs.

1. Atria’s Basement

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @eatingmv on Instagram

Fine dining upstairs with a hidden burger bar in the basement (with great mood lighting, I might add). The menu here will have you drooling at the thought of the concoction that will be in your mouth in about thirty minutes. Plus, the truffle fries are a deal breaker. Try making your very own burgers with this recipe.

2. Behind the Bookstore

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @marina_jurcevic on Instagram

This trendy coffee shop, tucked literally behind the bookstore on Main Street, has everything from the classic BEC sandwich to a grain kale bowl and high quality Arabic and Turkish coffee drinks. If you’re curious what the difference between all of these different coffees are, we can help you out.

3. Giordano’s Pizza

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @giosmv on Instagram

Best pizza on the island. Trust me. They’ve got all of the classics, plus their very own “Vineyard Special” (extra cheese, onion, pepper, linguica, mushrooms and genoa salami). Got leftovers? Here’s how to turn your leftover pizza into breakfast.

4. Isola’s Healthy Habit

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @twogirlsonespork on Instagram

This raw food eatery offers mouthwatering and wholesome salads, wraps, “toasties,” and zucchini noodles. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, but still want to maintain your bikini bod, try their various flavors of vegan cheesecake squares. Here are 8 raw snacks to make for your ride to MV.

5. The Seafood Shanty

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @mv_healthyeats on Instagram

Another reason to visit this island is for the fresh seafood caught off the coasts every day. The Shanty offers a large raw bar, serves every and any type of sushi you could ever ask for, and overlooks Edgartown Harbor. If seafood intimidates you, check out this article on summer seafood and you’ll have no fear.

6. Murdick’s Fudge

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @leaderheather on Instagram

The only fudge I will ever eat. Murdick’s Fudge sells more than a dozen flavors of homemade, rich fudge. While you’re struggling to choose which flavor to buy, you can watch the expert bakers delicately mold the fudge from their fresh ingredients. When you’re nostalgic about Murdick’s after your visit, you can make this easy chocolate fudge to ease your pain.

7. The Right Fork Diner

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @mofiefood on Instagram

While overlooking the Katama Airstrip, you can enjoy your fluffy chocolate chip pancakes and thick vanilla milkshake and simultaneously watch the biplanes take off and land. Or, have breakfast in bed with these killer pancake variations.

8. Morning Glory Farm

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @iskrakow on Instagram

Along with daily-made baked goods and hand-picked flower bouquets, the farm offers the freshest fruits and vegetables on the island. You will walk in and be mesmerized by the rainbow of colors on the wooden shelves.

Here are some easy ways to prep your veggies once you’ve displaced yourself from the beauty of the farm and actually purchased something.

9. Nat’s Nook Crepes

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @_simoneelizabeth on Instagram

If you’re wishing you were in France, this place is for you. Order a savory Greek crepe or my favorite, the S’more’s crepe, with rich chocolate chips, melted marshmallows and crumbled graham crackers. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make DIY crepes, too.

10. Back Door Donuts

Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of @edgboardoftrade on Instagram

Saved the best for last. I shouldn’t be making this more public than it already is, for everyone’s sake. A normal bakery by day and a donut heaven by night, this location has at least a fifty person line each time I go, but it’s well worth it.

You cannot go and get only one donut; I recommend at least four. Try the apple fritter, cinnamon sugar and maple bacon donuts for the ultimate foodgasm. If you still need more donuts, be sure to check out the top 50 best donuts in America.