Sometimes the best part of winter is getting toasty with a warm drink. Staying cozy with warm drinks at Dog Lane Café in downtown Storrs, CT creates the most relaxing environment during the Spring semester.

Finding Your Cozy Spot

Whether it be by the fire place, under blankets, watching movies on the couch, in a café, or elsewhere, finding your warm and happy place is a great motivator to get out of bed and go to class.

As a foodie, I love studying in environments where I can order a bite to munch on and have access to brain food. Whether it be a sweet treat or heartier meal, knowing fuel is nearby will often help keep me focused. 

Dog Lane Favorites

My favorite drinks are the chai latte and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Staying cozy with warm drinks at Dog Lane Café may occur in the morning before class or as a mid day pick-me-up. The toasty cups always bring me to life and are the highlight of a long, chilly day.

Rachel Laemle

Pictured are the dark and creamy hot chocolates served to my friend and I on the last Thursday morning of Fall semester classes. Preparing for final exams the next day with a brisk 8 a.m. meetup, we both devoured these delicious glasses. Sipping them gives a taste of the cold whipped cream with warm and delicate chocolate.

Another fun order at Dog Lane (which I have yet to try) is a cinnamon Husky on top of your latte. I saw a photo in the school newspaper of our mascot drawn onto a Dog Lane mug drink but have yet to order this on a chai; the barista still makes it decorative. Excited to embark on the mascot adventure this winter.

Rachel Laemle

Not only do these cozy drinks taste more real, rich in flavor, and presented with higher festivity than basic Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks drinks, but most Dog Lane barista creations only cost $4: an absolute bargain.

Endless Options For Warmth

If these two drinks don't satisfy your winter cravings, don't worry! Dog Lane Café has many other warm beverages: coffee, mocha, matcha, daily seasonal specials such as egg nog, and more! If you're a peppermint person, the peppermint hot chocolate is waiting to heal you.

Finding Your Cozy College Café

This is your reminder to check out Dog Lane or your local college café this winter: like Poindexter Coffee at Indiana University. Read about their cozy café here:

If you're eager to discover where your cozy winter spot is, scoping out café vibes is a great way to start. Walk into your college town cafes and look for couches or sociable seating options, warm colors, natural lighting, and an artsy menu appearance.

Café hopping is also a fun activity to do with friends! Explore college town options with a fellow foodie or study buddy. Sharing a cozy sip of a warm drink and trying new eats together might help you find your happy winter hideout.

The love in your mug will likely take away stresses and bring you to a new, comforting world. Enjoy your time staying cozy with warm drinks at Dog Lane Café or your personal college town comfort spot.