Spring break is quickly approaching, which means university students everywhere will soon be cutting loose for a much-needed break. For some, spring break is about soaking up the sun and diving into the ocean. Others look forward to taking on big city explorations or remote hikes in the mountains. If you're having trouble deciding where to spend your week away, let your favorite drink order lead the way.

Margarita: Cancun

strawberry, alcohol, sweet, vodka, juice, tequila, ice, lime, cocktail
Sammy Mintzer

If your go-to order is a sweet refreshing marg, it's only natural to head to the beautiful beaches of Cancun. Lay back, soak up the sun, and sip on a fruity drink. Just don't be surprised when the tequila kicks in!

Craft Beer: Asheville

cider, juice, lager, wine, ice, liquor, alcohol, beer
Alex Frank

Whether you prefer a hoppy IPA or rich stout, Asheville, North Carolina is the perfect "beercation." The historic city boasts more breweries per capita than any other destination in the US. 

Cosmopolitan: New York City

martini, ice, cocktail, coffee
Keris Heading

You have refined taste and enjoy the finer things in life, so the big city is the perfect travel destination. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and soak in a week of bright lights, endless shopping, and high-class cocktails with this classic drink. 

Bloody Mary: New Orleans

tequila, vodka, juice, ice, cocktail
Rachel Weil

Everything is a little spicier in NOLA, and the drinks are no exception. While a night on Bourbon St might be the move, the party can carry through straight to brunch the next morning. If you love Bloody Mary's, be sure to try this classic drink with a Cajun kick. 

Mojito: Miami

lime, lemon, liquor, juice, alcohol, ice, cocktail
Keris Heading

Let your drink be as lively and refreshing as the city itself. Miami has it all—from historic art districts, to sandy beaches, to lively nightlife. The fresh mint and lime of a Mojito can be enjoyed in the sun or on the dance floor, making it the perfect drink for this sunny city.

There are so many spring break destinations to choose from, you genuinely can't go wrong. Wherever you do end up, be sure to take the opportunity to enjoy local food and drink options. Most importantly, enjoy a much-needed break from the semester in a new place!