New York City is home to the most wild foods in the country. From the classic street corner hot dog to the iconic black miso cod from Nobu, NYC has it all and always keeps you on your toes. As a dessert connoisseur, like so many of us are, NYC is obviously the place to hit for the most epic desserts. Here's the ultimate list of the best desserts to eat in New York City that you've got to try before you die. 

1. Momofuku Cereal Milk and Birthday Cake Truffles

Okay, yes this is a two for one. You can go to Momofuku and get either of the two, but why not get both? Momofuku Milk Bar has locations all over the city. The truffles are vanilla rainbow cake mixed with vanilla-infused milk, coated with white chocolate, and rolled in rainbow cake crumbs—that sounds unreal.

2. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

This dessert is a delectable cupcake and a cool experience. A vending machine that sells you a fresh baked Sprinkles cupcake 24 hours a day. A cupcake for that midnight craving, thank God. 

3. Dominique Ansel Cookie Shots

You can be sure that there will always a line out the door at the Dominique Ansel Bakery. But it's so worth it to get the perfect ratio of milk to cookie in these milk-filled chocolate chip cookie shots.

4. OddFellows Brioche Bun Ice Cream Sandwich 

A sophisticated twist on the typical ice cream sandwich called then "OddPocket." There are many different combinations and make-your-own options, but this photo features pistachio cardamom ice cream pressed in a brioche bun topped with pistachios and caramel. YUM.

5. 10Below Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream has been trending lately. I'm sure you've seen the mesmerizing videos on Instagram of the freezing and rolling until a perfect cup of rolled ice cream is made. And rolled ice cream is obviously better than regular ice cream, so you have to give it a shot.

6. Everything Doughnut from The Doughnut Project

A doughnut inspired by the everything flavor of a bagel—genius. Some people could argue that this isn't a dessert because there are savory bits, but I hear doughnut and that's good enough for me. Two breakfast's in one, what's better?

7. Matcha Soft Serve from Cha Cha Matcha

Matcha blew up as a trend last year, and Cha Cha Matcha is the perfect place to get it. Matcha is a super concentrated green tea powder, and in soft serve ice cream it's absolutely unreal.

8. Magnum Make Your Own Ice Cream Bar

Magnum is the ideal DIY version of ice cream. You enter the shop and are able to choose your ice cream flavor, chocolate dunk flavor, and toppings such as: gold, chocolate, and everything in between.

9. Molly's Cupcakes Cookie Dough Cupcake

This cookie dough-infused cupcake is everything you've been looking for. The chocolate chip frosting combined with the ooey gooey doughy center and the mini cookie on top will make you wonder why you didn't run here sooner. 

10. Churro Ice Cream Cone from Chikalicious

Churro. Ice Cream. Cones. Let's just take a minute. A revolutionary idea that seriously changes the cone game. If looks aren't enough to persuade you to try these bad boys out, then maybe the like-racking Instagram will.

11. Birthday Cake Croissant from Union Fare

This birthday cake croissant has everyone's inner child screaming. And technically a croissant is a breakfast food right? So we can have this for breakfast? Meet me at Union Fare in 10.

12. Rice Krispies Balls from Little Cupcake Bakeshop

I'm sure you've never seen anything like this, because I know I haven't. On top is a Rice Krispies treat ball filled with red velvet ice cream and dipped in chocolate. On the bottom is a Fruity Pebbles treat ball filled with cookies and cream ice cream. Just let that settle in. That's all.

13. Deep Fried Oreos from Cafeteria

Cafeteria is a super trendy modern restaurant with all white interior and a to die for menu. Finish off your visit with some deep friend Oreos. Modern meets southern twist, and it couldn't taste better.

14. Dominique Ansel Frozen S'more

I know I already named the Dominique Ansel Bakery for another iconic dessert, but they also do a frozen s'more. I mean, how does one truly freeze a s'more? I don't know. I do know that it tastes OUT OF THIS WORLD and it's a must try.

15. Eggloo Waffle Ice Cream

Eggloo serves egg waffles topped with ice cream and a wide array of toppings. These tasty treats have been flooding my Insta feed and had to be given a taste test. Let me tell you, it tastes even better than it looks, so get your booty to Eggloo ASAP.

16. Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich from Holey Cream

Ice cream meets the middle of a doughnut. It comes in countless flavors of both ice cream and doughnut AND can be topped with cereal, hot fudge, candy, and sprinkles. Dreams really do come true.

17. Levain Chocolate Chip Cookie

I'm sure you've seen these babies all over any NYC foodie Insta, and you may be thinking they're just chocolate chip cookies. But that's where you are wrong, these bad boys are epic. But you must try them yourself to truly understand.

18. Mini Doughnuts from Doughnuttery

The only thing better than a regular donut is a mini donut. I guess you could argue that these are similar to doughnut holes, but they're just so. much. cuter. 

19. Ice Cream Sandwich from Melt Bakery

These are perfect for the ~on the go~ foodie. Found in Greeley Square on Broadway, a feature on Broadway Bites, these are the best treat to add to your lunch break.

20. Ice Stream Ramen from Dessert Kitchen

Alright, this dessert looks a bit strange. It's shaved ice with coconut milk, melon, mango, rice cake, and topped with flavored jelly. While you're on the epic food journey you might as well give it a try. For the Insta, right? 

21. Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream from the Tipsy Scoop

Dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel and strawberry rhubarb bourbon—just two of many flavor options at the Tipsy Scoop. Get a good buzz while eating ice cream? Yes, please.

22. Ice Cream and Matcha from Bibble & Sip

Malted vanilla soft serve, topped with matcha cloud bites, feuilletine, and drizzled with dark chocolate and matcha fudge. I have no idea what a matcha cloud bite is, but I know I want to find out.

23. Mochi Ice Cream from Mochi Doki

Mochi ice cream is hard to explain if you've never had it. But it's truly its own kind of dessert that everyone needs to experience at least once. Mochi Doki has the perfect mix of fun and sophisticated flavors.

24. Cakies from Jae NYC Eats

Cakies are basically Twinkies on steroids. These cakes are made by pastry chef Janice DeCastro and injected with unique fillings made with booze-spiked flavors. Now that's an adult twist on a childhood favorite.

25. Cookie Dough Balls from DŌ 

Balls of edible cookie dough. Let's just take a minute. Edible. Cookie. Dough. I'm screaming. This is every grown up child's dream and more. 

I don't know about you, but all of these dessert ideas made me want to hop on the train into the city. If you're not lucky enough to live so close, you better get all 25 of these epic desserts in on one trip because they're so necessary and vital to your Insta feed.