There’s a reason that New Orleans is most commonly known as “The Big Easy.” From its round-the-clock nightlife to its vibrant live music scene, it’s always easy to find entertainment… and something to drink.

What better way to celebrate Louisiana, home to some of the hottest sauces in the world, than with a bottomless, boozy, Saturday morning pick-me-up? Here are some restaurants that serve up some of the spiciest and most celebrated Bloody Marys that NOLA has to offer.

1. Apolline

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Photo courtesy of @nolafoodandtravel

They don’t call it the “Deluxe Bloody Mary” for nothing. Apolline’s house-made Bloody Mary topped with spicy green beans, cherry tomatoes, lemon, lime, and even boiled shrimp, is commonly mistaken for a meal on its own.

#SpoonTip: Match this Bloody Mary with Apolline’s famous Crispy Chicken Confit & French Toast.

2. Atchafalaya

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For when you need to take a break from your daily dining hall salad bar: Atchafalaya has redefined the term “salad bar” by turning it into a Bloody Mary bar. Restaurant owner Tony Tocco even said “It seemed like a good thing to do, have basically a salad bar for vodka.”

3. Willa Jean

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Photo by Rachel Weil

You know you’re going to leave satisfied when you go to one of Chef John Besh’s restaurants. Since its’ opening, Willa Jean has already become one of the most essential spring 2016 restaurants in New Orleans, and this refreshing morning cocktail will reaffirm that.

4. Dante’s Kitchen

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Dante’s Kitchen is an uptown staple that is best known for using an abundance of local, fresh ingredients. This includes fresh tomatoes and herbs that are thoughtfully blended together to create the perfect amount of spice in their world-famous Bloody Mary.

#SpoonTip: If you too want to get creative and make your own house-made Bloody Mary mix, look no further.

5. Elizabeth’s

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Photo by Nora McGunnigle

Commonly known as one of the Best Boozy Brunches in NOLA, it is no surprise that their house-made Bloody Mary has made its way onto this list.

6. Hotel Monteleone

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Photo courtesy of @hotelmonteleone

Everyone in New Orleans has heard about Hotel Monteleone’s swanky Carousel Bar. Come here to feel like the mature adult that you aren’t and toss back a Mary or two.

7. Wayfare

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Ah yes, another groundbreaking Bloody Mary bar. If you’re looking to brunch like you’ve never brunched before, head over to Wayfare. And be sure to wash down your decadent BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, FRIED GREEN tomato) with a hand crafted Bloody Mary.

8. Araña

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Photo courtesy of @arananola

This Mexican hotspot is normally not the first place that comes to mind when you think of Bloody Marys. Their special “Bloody Maria” is filled with beer and enhanced with house-made Bloody mix and a spicy salt rim.

9. Brick & Spoon

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Photo courtesy of @brickandspoon

When there is a specific Bloody Mary section on the restaurant’s menu, you know this place means business. Customers get to choose vodka type, spiciness level, and any topping their heart so desires, like a pickled green bean or a deviled egg. Power to the customer. But actually, power to the Bloody Mary, because that thing’s huge.