Everyone loves a sweet ending to their meal and nothing does that better than hunting down Chicago's exclusive dessert hot spots. From doughnuts, pies, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate overload, there's no way you can ever skip dessert in the windy city. The following are the top Chicago dessert spots that will leave your mouth watering. 

Firecakes Donuts:

At this counter-serve spot you will find coffee and trendy donut creations. The most famous items on their menu are their ice cream donut sandwiches.

Stan's Doughnuts and Coffee: 

Casey Irwin

A vintage-chic pastel colored doughnut shop, that serves exotic creations of gourmet donuts, coffee, gelato, and shakes.

#SpoonTip: most people come here for the flamboyant donuts flavors like the Biscoff, Bismarck, or Pocket Donuts.

Glazed and Infused:

Handcrafted and uniquely innovative, Glazed and Infused offers beverages and doughnuts like the Maple Bacon Long John.

Doughnut Vault:

A tiny bakery making artisanal hand-crafted and freshly baked doughnuts everyday until running out. Elegant vintage interior and out door seating makes for an eye capturing scene while you indulge in a delicious donut.


This hidden walk-up window sells coffee, italian ice, gelato, thick and heavy chocolate and vanilla drinks (served hot or cold), and bomboloni (hole-less Italian doughnuts) in a vast variety of flavors. These bomboloni usually come with tiny bottle stuck into the doughnut saying "squeeze me" for extra sauce to be injected into the doughnut. Oozy warm doughnuts and hot chocolate? Just brilliant.

Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits: 

A rustic bakery that gives off that homey feeling with biscuits and wide-selection of homemade sweet or savory pies. Good for either eating-in or take-out. I do advise eating-in though, since out back there's an Instagramable wall of aging wooden doors ready for your impromptu photoshoot.

Sweet Mandy B's:

Mandy B's is an old-fashioned bakery filled with sweets such as cookies, pies, cupcakes, and cakes. With these sweets, your mouth will be on overload of sugar. After all, "the best things in life are sweet". 

#SpoonTip: We recommend the instagram famous cookie dough topped brownie, chocolate toffee cabinet pudding, peanut butter rice krispie, or any of their cookies. Just don't forget to take a picture with their pastel background!

Nutella Café:

First Nutella Café ever in the States. Here. In Chicago. At your fingertips. Need I say more?

So take a break from whatever you are doing and indulge your heart's sugar high desires. Just don't forget to let us know what you think of these Chicago's dessert places by either tagging us on instagram or facebook, and don't forget to use #spoonuic. After all, stressed is just desserts spelled backward am I right?