While some people stalk their rush crush or frat hook up on Instagram, you'll find me drooling over the freshest food trend. It was as if by fate that I stumbled on BomboBar, instantly loving what their feed had to offer.

I would practically drool on my phone just looking at the Italian style doughnuts, gelato and over the top hot chocolates. After months of likes on likes, I found myself in Chicago to try it first hand.

Walking Up

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Casey Irwin

Even though I was a religious liker, I somehow missed their Instagram bio, which specifically states, "walk-up window" and thought I would be walking into an establishment.

The covered window is easy to miss, but hard to forget. The heated tent around the window was just as appealing as I expected a regular shop to be, leaving me pumped to sit as I weighed my options.

The Taste Test

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Casey Irwin

I only had one shot to try as much as possible, so I brought a friend along to split the challenge and calories with. It was a bit cold for gelato, but we tackled the donuts and drinks like champs.

Their bomboloni, or hole-less Italian donut, was a welcomed mess with tubes full of our chosen flavors. From s'mores to vanilla bean custard to choose from, this was nothing like a basic Dunkin' run.

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Casey Irwin

The fresh dough combined with the sugary toppings were perfect with my dirty chai. Each bite had a different ratio of dough-to-topping in it, but each was just as satisfying. 

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Casey Irwin

We had to push our stomachs to the edge with the S'mores Hotter Chocolate in its donut-and-marshmallow topped glory. It was about as extra as hot chocolate can get, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

After Thoughts

candy, pastry, chocolate, cake, sweet
Casey Irwin

It's safe to say I was dreaming of those donuts once the sugar crash hit. Luckily for my fellow Instagram admirers, BomboBar has more than just quality lighting going on for them - their pictures are that much more mouth watering now knowing how good everything tastes.