I'm very into sweet treats, but donuts have never really been my thing—that is, until I had my first bomboloni. They are the Italian version of your regular donuts: with no hole in the middle, airier, fluffier, and filled with, well, anything dolce you want, really.

I haven't had any of these babies since I moved to LA, so I embarked on a quest to find out if the City of Angels have them. I tell you, this city does not disappoint, as you will see below.

1. République

Joy Stanley Chandra

Even if somehow you didn't see Republique's amazing selection of pastries, this trendy spot near K-town is already tastebud-enticing with their brunch and dinner menus. However, their bomboloni were what captured my heart. They come in crème brûlée and banana caramel chocolate, to name just a couple. They are also just $2 a pop (or a bomb)!

If you are there only for the pastries and drinks, they have a convenient order window near the main entrance. I don't think you would want to miss their kimchi fried rice, though.

2. Jon & Vinny's

cream, apple, cake
Joy Stanley Chandra

Located on Fairfax Avenue, Jon & Vinny's is a small restaurant that serves high-quality dishes and pastries. Their service is as excellent as their bomboloni are, which can be filled with custard, nutella, or jam. These airy treats just explode in your mouth with every bite, so try not to make a mess, ya?

#SpoonTip: If you are also planning to sit down for a meal, I would suggest making a reservation and ordering the olive oil fried egg for breakfast and the White Lighting pizza for lunch or dinner. Prego.

3. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

This Insta-worthy, cruffin-innovating bakehouse only has 3 locations around the globe: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seoul, which is probably why I called an Uber to drive me here the day after I found out they have an LA location. However, they don't officially call their donuts bomboloni, but I think they are pretty bomb close.

One awesome thing about this bakehouse is that they change the custard flavors for both the cruffins and donuts every single day, so basically they have me sitting here praying I will find someone that will eat donuts with me every day. Check their Instagram for a weekly flavor update.

Having finished my journey, I found that the spelling for bomboloni is very varied, and the spelling for their plural form—if they even have a plural form—is even more confusing. Whatever; I won't eat just one anyway, and I know you probably won't, either.