Foodstagram. Verb. To photograph food with a smartphone and upload said photo to Instagram with carefully selected filter. Here are four tips and tricks to ensure maximum likes.

1. Use your table manners

Before you reach for your phone, practice your manners. Are you with someone who may be offended if you take a picture? Pause before ‘gramming, especially when you don’t know your fellow diners. Don’t risk your reputation at a networking lunch for a photo of your fruit skewer.

2. Sit next to a window

The worst thing about food photography is also the easiest thing to fix. Avoid dark or yellow photos by drenching your dish in natural light. Also, turn off your flash — it will ruin your photo and attract the glares of other diners.

3. Play with your food

Food needs friends. Instead of zooming in on your food, try including the elements that make your experience different and photo-worthy. Leave measuring cups, condiment holders and other dishes on the table. People can be props, too! If you’re with others, try a shot that captures hands reaching for the breadbasket or wine glass.

4. Stand up

An overhead photo is a the best way to include the entire table. It can also help you avoid the noisy background that can result from taking table-level photos. Just be wary of your phone’s shadow if you’re standing beneath an overhead light.