There is literally a scientific explanation on why we love brunch. You can read the linked articles if you want to, but personally, I did it just to get some positive reinforcement to find more brunch spots. Whether it's the social setting, the satisfaction of setting your eyes upon a pretty plating, or just having an excuse for eating more sweets earlier in the day, there are plenty of reasons why a lot of people consider brunch one of the best meals of the day.

Now, as a person who is always on the prowl for good brunch spots, living in a new city and being miles away from familiar brunch places with cute waiters that know your coffee order can be a little distressing. We all hate that feeling, and that's why I'm putting up a list of some brunch spots in LA that I think you should try out.

1. Hugo's Restaurant

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This joint located in West Hollywood offers your typical brunch items like pancakes, salads, and omelettes, and have quite a quick service. However, what I really like from Hugo's is the incredible flexibility you can get from their Build-Your-Own selections. It's perfect for days when you feel like eating healthy and customizing your own meal, and they can make it vegan and gluten-free, too.

2. Market Provision

I'm just going to throw the bait right out: with a minimum purchase on weekends, Market Provisions offers $5 bottomless mimosas. That aside, I suggest you make some room for their interesting brunch items like Asparagus Bruschetta and Cornmeal-Ricotta Pancakes. The elegant setting won't hurt your Instagram, either.

3. BLD Restaurant

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With Chef Neal Fraser behind the scene (or the kitchen counter, whatever), a lot of people agree that BLD is one of the best places to get simple comfort food. The service speed is reasonable, and your wait time will be awarded with delectable items like Braised Pork Benedict and Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes.

4. Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien can be found practically everywhere including Westwood, and as a UCLA student living on campus, this simple fact induces extraordinary joy. From the excellent organic choices you can pick from their bakery to oatmeal and toasts from their kitchen, there are a lot of ways you can brunch-start your weekends at this French establishment.

5. Toast Bakery Café

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Toast Bakery Café is located in the Beverly Grove area, and despite being surrounded by several other restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops, the line that spills out of the door doesn't tell lies.

They have quite an extensive menu, from Eggs Benedict on puff pastries to quinoa oat bowls. They also have various desserts, including cakes and puddings in mason jars. The friendly staff provides efficient service, and they will ensure that your request to make your food vegan or gluten-free is fulfilled.

6. Blu Jam Café

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It just seems fitting to me that I end this list with one of my favorite brunch spots. Like some other places mentioned earlier, Blu Jam Café has several locations around LA. They offer a variation of creative menu both savory and sweet, and also gluten-free and vegan items upon request. Beware, though—the line can be pretty long, especially during the weekends. You might want to steal these tips while waiting.

#SpoonTip: They put a label that says "Our Signature Dish" for the Crunchy French Toast (pictured above) on the menu for a reason. Believe in the reason. The reason is good.

The places listed above are by no means ranked; it's just a little something to ignite that spark in you to start exploring LA more, starting from the brunch scene. So grab your friends, wake up a little bit early on Saturdays, and find a spot to satisfy your tastebuds and take care of that Friday night hangover!