Chicago's claims to fame include the grease-pie that is deep dish and the ketchup-less Chicago style hot dog. What people often look past is the hundreds if not thousands of restaurants and bakeries that fuel Chicagoans one cookie at a time. The windy city is a prime spot to get the freshest and sweetest cookies around, whether you find them in a cookie filled bakery or on a restaurant's dessert menu. Here are the 11 places that serve the best cookies in Chicago:

1. Lakeview Kitchen and Market

This restaurant is just one of four locations in Chicago to sell Big Fat Cookies, the warm cookies with a presence on Instagram for all of the right reasons. Gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside, these cookies are made for all situations. 

2. Warm Belly Bakery

With over 70 flavors, there is a cookie for everyone here. Warm Belly Bakery is full of sweet possibilities but cookies are their specialty. Take your time eyeing the menu because you won't want to miss anything from coffee to apple pie cookies. 

3. Bennison's Bakery

After 80 years of business, these bakers know what people want and that would be a great cookie. They know when to stick to tradition and when their crowd wants something different. 

4. Goddess The Baker

This goddess is more than a baker with their extensive breakfast through dessert menus. Taste their avocado toast or baked mac and cheese, but leave room for their artisanal sweets. 

5. Sweet Mandy B's

As one of Chicago's overall go-to bakeries, Sweet Mandy B's gives us the classics we need. Their chocolate chip and confetti flavors puts comfort back into the best cookies in Chicago. 

6. Summer House Santa Monica

Get a taste of California without leaving the city or even having to sit down through dinner. These cookies are always available alongside other sweets at their Market counter.  

7. The Cookie Joint

Everyone's milk dunking worries are solved with these cookies. Cookie fries are a perfect move from tradition without sacrificing any flavor or fun. Step it up another notch with their dipping sauces, which include hazelnut and salted caramel. 

8. By The Park

Providing Chicago with the cookie experience we deserve, this Lincoln Park shop has developed a mouthwatering menu and cookies that own up to their names. They pay tribute our entire cookie-loving country with Yosemite and Boston cookies

9. Hilary's Cookies

Whole Foods brought this bakery into the spotlight by selling their line of vegan cookies, but their entire natural cookie selection should not be looked over. No artificial flavors or colors leaves room for all of the good stuff at this bakery

10. Bake Chicago

Being home of one of the best cookies in Chicago means this shop closes when they run out of cookies, so don't waste time stressing over the daily-changing menu because you can't go wrong. 

11. Alliance Bakery

With a warm oven and a warm heart, this bakery is Chance the Rapper's go-to place. Their Chance cookies helped raise money for Chicago Public Schools, giving the city even more of a reason to enjoy their shortbread cookies. Their cookies encompass the passion of Chicagoans more than anything.