As a Chicago girl who loves to bake, I take cookies very seriously. As soon as I heard about The Cookie Joint through my Spoon chapter, I knew that I was in for a cool experience. 

The Cookie Joint is an online business taking the cookie world by storm. Based in Chicago, they have gotten tons of publicity– including being featured in The Oprah Magazine.

Based in Chicago, this sweet place is not just an online cookie store. They are an online company where people can order gifts, party favors, and baskets for delivery.

Ordering online is an easy way to send tasty treats to your friends at other campuses and even order cookies for a meeting with your group project.

The Cookie Joint is also home of the Cookie Fry, which is what it sounds like– a cookie that looks like a french fry.

Ben Davis

The owners, Susie Schuster and Jill Malick, wanted to create a signature cookie– something that no other business had. And subsequently, the Cookie Fry was born. The photogenic Cookie Fries flood The Cookie Joint's Instagram

Brandon Fishman

Here in Madison, The Cookie Joint sponsored the chapter meeting at Spoon Wisco, where I had my first Cookie Fry experience. The little crinkle-cut cuties were packaged in classic French-fry bags with samples of the original cookie, chocolate, and confetti.

They tasted like they were just baked—crunchy, buttery, and full of flavor. 

cheese, chocolate
Sarah Arora

If that doesn't sound amazing enough, Susie and Jill even sent over some dipping sauces (chocolate and marshmallow).

cream, ketchup, salt
Ben Davis

Along with the Cookie Fries, there are many different varieties of classic, round cookies to choose from on the website. All of the cookies have a shortbread base, but also included other unique flavors

The Cookie Joint has catered different events in the past, from weddings to bar mitzvahs to a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House.

The online ordering system couldn't be easier. Next time you’re hosting an event, sending a gift to your better half, or just in desperate need of cookies, the Cookie Joint has you covered.