Getting dessert is like a rite of passage for me. I need to have a balance between savory and sweet to make my meal complete. In Broad Ripple there are some pretty neat dessert places to satisfy my sweet tooth. All of the spots listed below (minus Insomnia cookies) have unique menus and seating, perfect for any gathering. 


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Josi Miller

In the mood for some ice cream? Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station (BRICS) located right on the Monon Trail and it's one of my favorite dessert places to go after dinner. They have dozens of unique flavors such as Blue Moon, Monon Tracks, Black Raspberry, and Almond Chocolate Fudge. BRICS also has several vegan ice creams and smoothies. The shop has comfy indoor seating and a large outdoor patio and is the perfect hang out spot for large groups. 

Rene's Bakery

Although this bakery is only open Friday-Sunday, nothing screams delicious, homemade desserts like Rene's Bakery. Everything here is carefully made the morning of and there's a variety of choices to choose from. Whether you're feeling a loaf of bread for the week, a scone, fruit tart, or a cookie everything is presented beautifully and tastes even better than it looks.

Nicey Treat

Not a lot of people can say they've eaten a frozen hot chocolate popsicle can they? At this bright and colorful they sell popsicles made out of ingredients you can actually pronounce. One of my favorites is the strawberry rhubarb but they also have flavors such as avocado, cookie butter, lemonade so whatever kind of mood you're in, you'll find exactly want you want at Nicey. I also love how they print their mantra: 'because nice matters' on their popsicle sticks because I couldn't agree more. 

Sno Zone

One of the most iconic places in Bripp is Sno Zone. On a hot summer day, people will wait in line for at least 20 minutes for this shaved ice. Flavors include coconut, pineapple, cotton candy, strawberry...etc and you can choose up to three. You can also add a scoop of ice cream at the bottom with no extra charge. This place has got the flavor to ice ratio down perfectly because this stand has been around for over 25 years. 

Cake Bake Shop

The world-famous Cake Bake Shop has won national attention from bakers, athletes, and actors all over the nation for its food (mainly desserts), drinks, and atmosphere. The shop has been on TV many times and it's done so well the owner is opening a second one. If you're looking for a special place to celebrate an event, go to Cake Bake and experience what it's like to sit in a French-inspired bakery. To learn more about it, check out this article. 

Insomnia Cookies

You know those nights when you just crave a chocolate chip cookie but you don't want to leave your bed? Check out Insomnia cookies, they deliver cookies right to you. Choose from mint chocolate chip or peanut butter and then add a scoop of ice cream to make a cookie sandwich.

I never leave Bripp without going into one of these dessert spots because why go home without having a scoop of creamy ice cream? Or a fruity popsicle? Or a gooey cookie? Make your trip worthwhile and explore these dessert places.