Broad Ripple Village is one of central Indiana's most popular foodie hotspots. Not only is the food scene diverse and delicious, but it's also affordable. This cultural district is filled with art, restaurants, unique boutiques, and bars. 

What's so great about this small neighborhood is how diverse the food culture is. The majority of the restaurants are family-owned and are not chains so you're always guaranteed a dish made with fresh ingredients and friendly staff. Whatever you're in the mood for, Bripp has got you covered. 

La Piedad 

This Mexican restaurant is a reunion place for my friends and me because we always feel comfortable sitting on the patio eating fajitas and speaking Spanish to the wait staff. Their food is tasty and the always crowded restaurant is full of energy and good vibes.

Petite Chou Bistro and Champagne Bar 

This French restaurant is a perfect and quaint spot for brunch with your girlfriends. The outdoor seating is just as cute as their cozy, comfortable seating in the interior. Some of my favorite dishes are the savory crepes, Club sandwich, and the fries with chipotle mayo.

Sushi Bar 

Located on Broad Ripple Avenue, this restaurant sits up high overlooking the busy street. Their extensive menu includes noodle dishes, meat, and of course, sushi. Some favorites of mine are the birthday roll, the shrimp tempura roll, and miso soup. 


This pizzeria is one of my favorite pizza places in Indy. There are a total of three Bazbeaux in Indiana, but this one seems to make thin crust pizza exactly the way I like it: with just enough cheese and plenty of toppings and fresh herbs. My go-to is the margherita. 

Monon Food Company 

tacos, tomato, corn, lettuce, salsa, vegetable
Josi Miller

A classic American-style restaurant right alongside the Monon Trail is a perfect choice for lunch or dinner. There is one other location downtown, but this one has a much more tranquil atmosphere, well-suited for family dinners. I would 100% recommend the tacos. 

Ripple Bagel Deli 

More times than I'd like to admit, I've been caught stuffing my face with a hot bagel sandwich from Bagel Deli. What’s cool about this place is that the menu is literally all over the walls. Choosing a bagel is always the challenge but when is it ever a bad thing to have a lot of options for your sandwich? Did I mention it’s the only place in Indiana where you can get steamed bagel sandwiches?

Taste of Havana

The first time I came here I was immediately drawn in by how welcoming the owner and his daughter were. They opened this small joint with the hopes of bringing Cuba to Indy. They are known for their authentic Cuban sandwiches that are made with fresh, housemade turkey and pork. Also be sure to try pastelitos and café cubano. 

Fire by the Monon 

Fire by the Monon is a pub that focuses on serving hot and delicious food with cold beer. It’s dog-friendly and a great outdoor restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. On a warm summer day stop by this restaurant and experience the outdoors. Make sure to check out their “Dirty Mac & Cheese” that was featured in Indianapolis Monthly. 

3 Sisters Café 

Have you ever wanted to try a restaurant that Guy Fieri's been to? Look no further. This café serves up the best lemon raspberry corn cakes in Indianapolis. Not only are they known for their sweet breakfast dishes such as french toast and Belgian waffles, but they accommodate gluten-free folks, vegans, and meat lovers. 

Good Morning Mamas Café

Although it’s not in the hub of Broad Ripple, you can’t miss the bright yellow building with a painting of a bird singing into the sun. This breakfast/brunch place serves the classic breakfast food and was actually the inspiration for my pesto omelette

Mama Carrolla's Old Italian Restaurant

After you finish lunch at Good Morning Mama’s, head over to Mama Carollas for dinner. Mama and Papa Carolla designed one of Indy’s Most Romantic Restaurants, according to Yelp and USA Today. Their restaurant is Mediterranean-styled with lighting that will set the romantic mood. They win points for atmosphere and food because who doesn’t love a nice Italian pasta?

Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille 

A very well-known place by the locals, this classy but affordable restaurants serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their owners really know what Mediterranean cuisine is, as both of them grew up in the Mediterranean learning how to cook from their families. The restaurant’s interior is beautifully decorated with artwork and intricate light fixtures. Everything here is heavenly and the crowd favorites are the garlic fries with feta, the falafel, and hummus.

As you can tell, Broad Ripple has Mexican, French, Japanese, Mediterranean, American, Cuban... food so you'll never have to leave home to try some authentic international flavors. There are dozens of other places in Bripp but this list gives you a pretty good idea of why it's my go-to place for a lunch date or a night out. And once you're done eating you can always shop, walk on the Monon Trail, or get some dessert.