Big news, people! If you're tired of Village Coffee, then keep reading. A local bagel sandwich spot has recently opened their doors to Granville in a time of desperate need. From breakfast to lunch, all of your bagel needs are about to be fulfilled, and it's all behind the charming teal and black doors of Steamroller Bagel Sandwiches. 

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Caroline Ingalls

One of our very own Denison alums, Shane Richmond, started Steamroller Bagel Sandwiches to feed the hungry students of his alma mater. Located at 115 N, in downtown Granville, you can't miss the bright teal windows just beside Everest Gear and the fire station. Shane partnered up with two other bagel-passionate men to bring this revolutionary addition to our quaint college town. And we promise it will be your new hot obsession. 

A Steamy Taste of the Menu

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Caroline Ingalls

The simple menu that they offer gets the job done for sure. Their bagels are steamed, hence the name steamroller, instead of the traditional toasted bagel. They offer breakfast bagels, a variety of unique sandwiches, and a kid friendly menu. Their menu is both creative and clever, with options like the "Beets and Booty" or the "Eggstacy," pictured above, there's something for everyone.

One of a Kind

Caroline Ingalls

Steamroller offers great options to spice up your average bacon, egg, and cheese. Grab a "Morning Glory" bagel, and indulge in the drool-worthy creation that's eggs, cheese, smoked turkey, bacon, sprouts, and guac all on an everything bagel - wowza. Sprouts AND guac on a bagel?! Can't say I've seen that anywhere else. These guys must have it figured out. 

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Alex Frank

So if you haven't already, get down to Steamroller ASAP. You won't be disappointed in their ability to fulfill all of your needs, along with exceptional customer service. For those New Yorkers living in G-Vegas, this might be the closest alternative to a taste of home. The only thing that could make this bagel joint even better would be if they offered Denison dollars... could you imagine?