If there was only one place in Indiana you had to visit, go to Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple Village. This high-end bakery, owned by Gwendolyn Rogers, has gained international media attention. People travel to Indiana just for the Cake Bake experience. You may be wondering, what's the Cake Bake experience? Well, you're about to find out what makes this bakery so famous in the culinary world. 

Stepping Inside the Shop Is Like Stepping Into a Fairy-Tale

From the moment you walk up to Cake Bake, you're going to think you're in a whimsical fairy-tale. The shop's exterior is white, with a black fence enclosing the outdoor patio. Along the fence are several window boxes with pink, blooming flowers, intertwined with several rose bushes. At night, lights illuminate the shop and give a romantic, intimate ambiance. 

Then, on the inside is where all the magic happens. Everything is a soft, pale pink with French-inspired furniture and light fixtures. In the summer the shop is decorated with a magnolia tree, pink tassels, flower bouquets, butterflies, and several unique ornamental objects. In the winter, it's a 'Winter Wonderland,' with Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, Santa, and reindeer. Toward the back of the shop there is a private room where people host parties, bridal showers, and special events. The staff is dressed in formal, pink attire and provide the best experience possible for their customers. 

Next, all of the desserts, coffee, and teas are beautifully displayed in a clear, glass case. Each day there are new cakes and freshly made brownies, bars, cupcakes, macaroons, and pies, all covered in edible glitter. One of the coolest parts of the shop is the window where you can see the kitchen and all the bakers working. Their kitchen is stocked with the best possible ingredients shipped in from all over the world.

The Food Is Heavenly

The last, and most important part of your Cake Bake experience is the food. Once you're seated, waiters serve you your dessert or meal on a white porcelain plate with a glass of water, champagne, tea, or coffee. Cake Bake is definitely more well-known for their desserts but they also have several lunch options such as quiche, sandwiches, soups, and salads. I've had the opportunity to try several different desserts (lemon bars, magic bars, pies, cakes). Each one of them is delicately sweet and their presentation is totally insta-worthy. I'd recommend sharing the slices of cake and pie because they are pretty expensive and can be shared between at least two people. 

Cake Bake's Chocolate Cake Was Featured on Food Network

Get this: Cake Bake's chocolate cake was actually featured on the show Guilty Pleasures. If you watch this video you'll see why host Marc Summers and his mom can't stop talking about how amazingly rich this three-layered chocolate cake is. Just watching how Gwendolyn Rogers makes the cake makes me drool. I've had the honor of tasting the cake and I 100% agree with Marc on this one, her cake is like nothing you've ever had. 

Cake Bake Has Been Recognized for 17 Different Awards  

Once you step inside the shop, you'll immediately notice all the frames hanging on the walls. Well, the frames are newspaper clippings, plaques, autographs, and pictures of all the celebrities or magazines that have tried her desserts. Some of the most impressive awards are 'Best Bakery in Indiana', 'Coolest Places to Eat in Indy', and 'Best of the Midwest'. Check out the full list here. She's gotten so well-known that celebrities such as Steve Martin, Paula Deen, Matt Damon, Andrew Luck, Alexander Rossi, etc have been to her shop or tried her desserts. She's been on Fox 59, RTV6, The Smiley Morning Show, and Eat Drink Indy. 

So what are you waiting for? On your next visit to Broad Ripple, be sure to stop by Cake Bake for a fancy lunch and a one-of-a-kind dessert. Just sitting inside the bakery will make you feel like you're in a French café eating like royalty. Oh, did I mention her cupcakes were in the movie Dumb and Dumber To? And yep, they liked them a lot.