Brunch is every indecisive eater’s best friend– or perhaps their worst nightmare. If we’re really being honest, though, brunch is everyone’s favorite meal of the week. Whether you like starting your day with a syrup-drenched stack of pancakes, a savory five-egg omelet, or a hearty B.L.T. sandwich, the possibilities are endless when it comes to brunch. St. Louis may be known for its barbecue and toasted ravioli, but the Gateway city also has its share of delicious brunch restaurants. Next time you’re looking for a weekend adventure or craving a delicious meal, grab a few friends and check out one of these St. Louis brunch spots. 

Half & Half 

If you are looking for a classic St. Louis brunch and great coffee, Half & Half is the destination for you. Enjoy your brunch at a cozy indoor booth or appreciate the spring weather on their recently expanded outdoor patio. For something to sip on while you wait, choose a drink from Half & Half’s extensive list of coffee, featuring local brews from Blueprint Coffee and pour-overs from a guest roaster. Cocktail lovers can enjoy a classic drinks, such as a mimosa or glass of chardonnay, or sip on one of Half & Half’s unique concoctions, like their bacon, egg & cheese cocktail. Don’t worry, there’s bourbon and mezcal in there to balance out the egg and mascarpone.

When it comes to grub, Half & Half is known for their homemade Clara Cakes (pancakes with raspberry jam, mascarpone, and granola) and Sausage Biscuit (homemade sausage, country biscuit, scrambled eggs, aioli, and potatoes), but you cannot go wrong with anything on their menu. For something simple, try their namesake dish, the Half & Half, which includes 2 eggs, potatoes, and toast. My personal favorite dish is the Veggie Hash, which features Brussel sprouts, eggs, and the crispiest breakfast potatoes I have ever tasted (and I have tried a lot of breakfast potatoes). Beware, though, a meal at Half & Half will leave you craving brunch every week.  

The Shack Breakfast & Lunch 

What started as a “greasy spoon pub” in St. Louis is now one of the city’s best brunch spots. The Shack has an option (or four or five) for any type of brunch goer, making it a great place for families and big groups. Those with a sweet tooth need not look further than the griddle, which features lemon curd and blueberry pancakes, s’more waffles, corn flake encrusted brioche French toast, and more. For something on the healthier side, check out The Shack’s “Healthy(er) Habits” menu. Egg lovers can take their pick between an omelet, a skillet, or a hash.

If none of those options make your mouth water (which would be surprising), choose from one of The Shack’s numerous specials, build your own breakfast plate, or check out the lunch menu. And to make sure no brunch lover is left behind, The Shack has a special gluten-free menu and designated cooking equipment to prepare gluten-free meals. For those who are only wake up in time for brunch for the booze, The Shack has you covered too. Moral of the story: The Shack makes sure that nobody feels left out of the magical experience that is brunch.  

Russell’s Café & Bakery 

Rusell’s is a family restaurant with two locations: one in Fenton and a second on Macklind in South City. Both locations share a menu, but each has its own flair that reflects the local neighborhood. This St. Louis brunch spot offers several breakfast options, but the selection of sandwiches and salads is extensive, making Russell’s the perfect place if you prefer the “lunch” part of brunch. While many of the homestyle dishes will be familiar, you will also find unique options such as breakfast grilled cheese, breakfast flatbread, and the S.S.P (smelly, sticky pig) sandwich. On the weekends, indulge in a cinnamon roll or homemade biscuits served with preserves or gravy. Russell’s brunch bar gives you the opportunity to make your brunch boozy for only 7 or 8 dollars. End your Russel’s dining experience by stopping at the pastry case for a selection of homemade cakes, pastries, baked goods, and more.

 Meshuggah Café

For a quick brunch with lots of outdoor seating, head to Meshuggah Café on the Delmar Loop. Meshuggah is a locally owned café with locally sourced ingredients. If you need a large cup of caffeine to start your weekend, you will not be disappointed by the extensive list of coffee, lattes, and tea. But if you would rather kickstart your day with a dose of fresh fruit and greens, try one of Meshuggah’s smoothies. For those looking for something heartier, Meshuggah offers oatmeal, French toast, and a wide array of egg sandwiches—my personal favorite. You can choose from one of their signature recipes or create your own bagel and topping combination. To extend your brunch experience, head to their main dining room to play board games or grab a table upstairs for a cozy post-brunch study session. 

BLT’s – Breakfast Lunch & Tacos 

Located in downtown St. Louis, BLT's added its own twist on brunch by throwing tacos into the mix. Let’s break it down. For breakfast, BLT’s options range from a breakfast Sammy and pancakes to chicken ‘n waffles. For lunch, try a shrimp po'boy, a smash burger, or BLT’s take on a BLT. For only 4 or 5 dollars apiece, you can order an assortment of lunch and breakfast tacos to sample—perfect for days when you simply cannot choose between breakfast or lunch. Since you can’t have brunch without booze or tacos without beer, BLT’s offers a wide selection of draft beer in addition to classic cocktail options. You won't want to miss this St. Louis brunch spot. 

Colleen's Cafe 

What started as a small bakery operation has now become one of St. Louis’s favorite cafes. Just by glancing over the menu, it’s clear that Colleen has a passion for the culinary arts, adding her own touch to every special. For breakfast, pay homage to St. Louis and try the 314 omelet (three eggs, one protein, and four more choices) or try a malted vanilla waffle with warm maple syrup. If you’re in the mood for a classic yet delicious slice of toast, choose between avocado toast, hummus toast, and toast with jam. And if lunch is calling your name, you won’t be disappointed by the options at Colleen’s, which include a turkey avocado BLT, an enchilada bowl, a bacon and egg salad, and much more. On your way out, stop by the pastry counter for a homemade cookie, macaroon, or piece of shortbread. 

The Mud House

Located on Cherokee Street, The Mud House is a local café offering outdoor seating, coffee, breakfast, and sandwiches. Not only does The Mud House offer classic breakfast and lunch sandwiches, but they also have multiple tofu dishes, making this a great spot for vegan brunch lovers. There are also sixteen menu items designated as vegetarian-friendly. If you’re craving a healthier take on brunch with both classic and unique options, The Mud House is the brunch spot for you.

With so many delicious options to pick from, the task of choosing a restaurant for brunch may seem daunting. If you're anything like me, the only reasonable solution is to try all of the egg hashes you can get your hands on. So, if you needed the reminder to indulge in brunch more often, this is me telling you: treat yourself to a meal at that brunch restaurant you've been eyeing.