When my parents were in town for family weekend, I knew they would be very particular with where they wanted to eat. I wasn't raised vegan or even vegetarian, but my parents instilled in me from a very young age the idea that wholesome, organic, plant-based meals were the best ones for you. 

Avoiding processed and heavy foods at all costs meant that the famous St. Louis toasted ravs and barbecue were definitely out of the question. My dad decided to do some Yelp research, one of his all-time favorite activities, to see what healthier options St. Louis had to offer. Seedz, a tiny restaurant in the cute DeMun neighborhood of Clayton was near the top of the list.

Grayce Nieberle

The Restaurant

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Grayce Nieberle

Close to Wash U's campus and nestled next to a yoga studio and some small boutiques, Seedz is in an ideal location. The restaurant is very small, but the huge windows let in lots of natural light. Every table is against the windows with cozy window seats on one side. Reclaimed wood walls and a rustic, minimalistic vibe create a feeling of coziness and earthiness, which reflects the restaurant's founding values.

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Grayce Nieberle

Seedz' name comes from Shel Silverstein's poem The Giving Tree, and is inspired by the concept of food coming directly from the earth. The restaurant's website reads, "Seedz Cafe offers 100% organic, plant-based cuisine made with 100% love."

The Menu

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Grayce Nieberle

Seedz offers a variety of fresh organic juices and smoothies like "Om Shanti Elixir," which is made of greens, apple, ginger, pineapple, orange and cilantro.

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Grayce Nieberle

Seedz' food reflects the restaurant's philosophy of using only local, fresh vegetables as the stars of each meal. Every dish is carefully developed and beautifully presented. Many of the dishes are revamped versions of classic favorites, but made vegan and wholesome—perfect for trying out the vegan lifestyle, while not straying too far from the foods you know and love.

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Grayce Nieberle

Some highlights from the main menu include Tempeh Reuben, Raw Pad Thai (raw organic zucchini noodles tossed with basil garlic peanut sauce and served on a bed of spinach), and Organic Sprouted Wheat Pizza with seasonal organic veggies and olive oil hot pepper mix. 

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Grayce Nieberle

Seedz also has a dessert menu with a fan favorite: the Buddhist Bliss Cookie, which is made from sprouted spelt, vegan choco-chips, goji berry, coconut and kale. The dessert menu also boasts the "Cheezecake," which is raw, organic and vegan, while still tasting like the real thing.

Why You Should Visit

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Grayce Nieberle

Beyond the restaurant's delicious food and wholesome philosophy, Seedz is a huge supporter of a wide variety of local artists, featuring their work regularly. Last summer, Seedz invited Michael Schaerer of The Eyes & Pale Divine to perform at the restaurant, and every Friday, a henna artist creates beautiful designs on eager customers.

Seedz is an ideal place to eat in St. Louis if you are enthusiastic about eating organic, vegan and wholesome food. The atmosphere is inviting and cozy, perfect for catching up with a friend or even doing some work in a sunlit corner. Regardless of whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or even an avid meat eater, you are sure to find something delicious at Seedz that you can feel good about, too.