I finally took my first trip to Jamaica Plain (or from what I have known in casual conversation as “JP”). I ventured to a little Scottish pub called The Haven with a close friend. My food instincts told me this was a good choice, after scouring the Internet of course; and it ended up being a great place for a lazy brunch on a cold and cloudy morning!

The interior was lodge-like with dark wood, flannel patterns and old pictures on the walls. From the moment we walked in the vibe was very welcoming and relaxing.

the haven

Photo by Phoebe Melnick

After reading over the menu online, I ordered what I set out for  – the Toffee French Toast. May I just say that these are two of my most favorite things all in one sentence (I had to remember to breathe when I first saw this).

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to find this French Toast shouting my name on the quaint menu. The full description of the dish is: Fournax brioche French toast with toffee sauce, blueberries and maple whipped cream.

the haven

Photo by Phoebe Melnick

When the plate arrived at my table all I could see was a tower of French toast, the thickest cut brioche I have ever laid my eyes on, two slices of it dripping delicately with just the right amount of sand-colored toffee sauce.

The fluffy, golden brioche melted gently in my mouth and the sweet yet nutty toffee complimented it flawlessly, hanging on to the inherent butteriness of the bread and enhancing its sweetness. Then came the fresh burst of blueberry, and the lightness from the fresh whipped cream, which made it the most satisfying bite I could have asked for in that moment.

French toast is (obviously) one of my most favorite dishes and when I choose to indulge in it I want it to be extra special, fireworks, dripping in something delicious other than syrup, fluffy, griddled perfectly, goodness. This French toast was absolutely that, hands down. For something so massive looking, and with the potential to be overly sweet, it was balanced so well, making it crave-worthy for all of the right reasons.

I finally paid a visit to the illustrious “JP” and will now be a regular! I encourage you to check it out for brunch; even if you don’t choose The Haven, there are many other options. But trust me, the French toast deserves the trip alone!


Location: 2 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri Lunch 12-3, Sat & Sun Brunch 10:30-2:30, Mon-Sun Dinner 5:30-1am