In this wide world of social media, it's become the norm for certain trendy restaurants and shops to have lines out the door and around the corner. Although the long wait phenomenon has spread in recent years, it's not a new one.

Many of the best restaurants around the United States have lines that would put any dining hall to shame, even at peak time. Perhaps to build an aura around the long wait, none of these restaurants accept regular reservations. There's a big difference between making a reservation months in advance, ahem Rao's 10-table NYC dining room, and having to wait for hours on end in person.

That leaves one major question up in the air: Which restaurants are worth the long wait and which are just trendy in the moment? Here are some of the restaurants in the United States with the most famously "worth it" long lines. 

Di Fara Pizza (Brooklyn, NY)

Although the initial wait time at Di Fara Pizza to place your order is relatively short, the real test of your patience is waiting for your pizza to come out of the oven. At least you know that Dom De Marco, the original owner, is still hard at work in the back preparing your pie fresh. 

You'll have plenty of entertainment while you wait, watching the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, NY. Dom's been hard at work making hand-tossed pizzas for 40 years, so this stop will definitely be worth your time.

Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX)

Far from the constantly crowded streets of New York City, Franklin Barbecue's selection of meats draws a crowd of its own. Loyal customers line up in front of the Austin, Texas shop, often in temperatures over 100 degrees, as early as 5 am for the 11 am opening. 

If you're a fan of barbecue, this is definitely a stop you'll want to put on your bucket list. They've won nearly every barbecue competition there is in Texas and beyond. The main reason people line up so early is because Franklin's closes their doors each day when they run out of food, which usually occurs between 2 and 3 pm. 

Clinton Street Baking Company (New York, NY)

Located on, you guessed it, Clinton Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a huge part of Clinton Street Baking Company's allure is their limited 32-seat dining room. The menu features extremely Instagram-worthy pancakes alongside fresh baked goods and a variety of traditional diner food. 

The owners themselves advise hungry brunch-goers to arrive before the restaurant even opens to get in line for the first seating at 9 am. They've been awarded Best Pancakes by New York Magazine and just by scrolling through their Instagram, I can't argue.

Dominique Ansel Bakery (New York, NY)

Dominique Ansel's innovation in his kitchen helped to skyrocket him to fame with the cronut. Since then he's created a steady stream of sweet treats that I'm sure have made an appearance or two in your Instagram feed.

You can thank Dominique for cookie shots, inside-out s'mores, burrata soft serve, and watermelon sorbet served in an actual watermelon. You'll just have to wait in line to do it.

The Spotted Pig (New York, NY)

Although The Spotted Pig has a large 100-seat dining room, there's rarely a time when you won't find the entire West Village establishment full to the brim. It stands out among gastropubs because it held a Michelin Star for over a decade. 

Despite the fact that its Michelin Star status is in the past, the brunch and dinner menus are still drawing in celebrities from all over the country. Check out their website for recommendations of what to do while you wait for your table.

Pecan Lodge (Dallas, TX)

This award-winning pit-smoked Texas barbecue joint can be found in Dallas by the long line of patrons awaiting meat and picnic tables. Similar to Franklin's, Pecan Lodge opens every day at 11 am and serves eager carnivores that have come from all over the country. They just have to arrive before the pit empties.

Their BBQ pit burns around the clock to turn out slow-smoked meats, but frequent visitors also recommend grabbing their famous fried chicken, mac n' cheese, and banana pudding. You waited in line for all that time, you might as well get the most of it. 

Rose's Luxury (Washington DC)

When Rose's Luxury opens their doors to the streets of Washington DC each night (except for Sunday) at 5 pm sharp, the line has usually already formed. The limited seats and long list of accolades, including Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurant in America in 2014, combine to create the perfect storm for a long wait. 

Once you get in, you'll be astounded by the playful and delicious menu from Chef Aaron Silverman. Keep your eyes peeled while you chow down on your seasonal stuffed gnocchi and you just might spot the Obamas.

Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix, AZ)

If you just so happen to be in Phoenix, AZ with some time to kill and a stomach just starting to grumble, you can stop by Pizzeria Bianco. Once you make it through the wait, you'll be able to cross pizza handmade by a James Beard Best Chef winner off your bucket list. 

#SpoonTip: If waiting in line for food, even when it's as good as a wood-fired pizza made from fresh ingredients, isn't for you, you can buy Chef Chris Bianco's book to try your hand at making it for yourself at home. 

Pok Pok (Portland, Oregon + Other US Locations)

Famous for bringing the authentic flavors of Thailand to the USA, Pok Pok has earned itself a large group of loyal followers in Portland, Oregon. Even though the turnover is extremely fast in their restaurants, it's not uncommon to have to wait a while for a table.

Fortunately, their policy is that as long as you arrive before closing time at 10 pm, you will be seated and fed. While you're waiting, you can even visit the Whiskey Soda Lounge that they opened across the street from the main restaurant. 

Voodoo Doughnut (Portland, Oregon)

As with many of these restaurants, Voodoo Doughnut was skyrocketed to fame by the wonders of social media. The variety of eye-catching donuts and bright pink to-go boxes make for an amazing Instagram picture.

Unfortunately, Voodoo Doughnut's popularity coupled with the space limit of the deep frier at their flagship location in Portland mean that lines grow quickly, especially around brunch time on weekends. At least you're guaranteed to get a warm, fresh treat once it's your turn to order. 

Now that you've got some time to kill and a bucket list's worth of long waits ahead of you, it's about time you grabbed a travel buddy and got going. It'll be worth it once you have the Instagram picture and a full stomach to prove that you braved the wait.