Dominique Ansel’s rise to culinary fame is all thanks to his ingenious, creative approach to food. Three years after the cronut broke ground (which you can easily make at home), numerous people still line up at 6 am to have a taste. Last year, he introduced Burrata soft serve at his Kitchen, which is made with the deliciously sweet and creamy cheese. He just recently brought it back into rotation for the summer, so I figured it was time to fuse my cheese and ice cream addiction and try it out for myself.

The line wasn’t as long as those waiting for cronuts, so I ordered pretty quickly. The server used an ice cream machine to swirl the creamy goodness onto a cone, and topped it with a dark balsamic caramel and leaves of micro basil. 

dominique ansel

Photo courtesy of @dominiqueanselkitchen on Instagram

The ice cream was smooth and rich, similar to a plain vanilla soft serve but with a slight tang, undoubtedly from the burrata. While it was heavy on the mouth, the balsamic caramel cut through the creaminess without leaving a sour taste, and the micro basil gave a slight savory, fresh taste that complimented the tang of cheese.

It was a struggle to eat the ice cream before it melted, as the cone was shaped in such a way that there would always be soupy soft serve dripping out. Still, this didn’t detract from the amazing experience, which ended with the sweet strawberry confit at the base of the cone.

dominique ansel

Photo by Hayley Aaronson

Overall, if you love burrata, you’ll absolutely love this soft serve. While it was a bit messy and somewhat skimpy on the balsamic caramel, it was probably some of the best ice cream I’ve had – and you can see that I enjoyed every lick. Just be cautious if you’re lactose intolerant, as it’s quite heavy on the dairy.