Being a freshman is hard. Adjusting to a new place and new friends is hard enough without the fact that you can't have a car. Sure, the dining hall food is great and healthy and GQ has amazing junk food to eat no matter what your mood is, but sometimes you just need more. Whether it's takeout or a nice, chill restaurant to explore, Allentown has plenty for college students to enjoy!

Bamboo Asian Cuisine 

Sushi at GQ is pretty good but it doesn't compare to the insane rolls at Bamboo. A four minute Uber or shuttle ride can take you to the land of endless asian cuisine, but if you want a good workout before stuffing your face, it is just a little over a mile away. From sushi rolls to pad thai, Bamboo has it all and for a pretty good price if you're on that broke college student budget. 

Nostos Greek Restaurant 

If Mediterranean food is your bae, this restaurant is for you. Just a four minute Uber ride or a mile walk and a 20% discount for being a Mule! If that isn't enough to convince you, they have brunch every Sunday from 10-3, when you're avoiding your work even more than usual. 

Cali Burrito 

It is well known that as a Berg student, Cali Burrito is a staple in your diet. However, many freshmen have yet to uncover this Mexican fast food gem! A little over a mile away or 4 minute Uber ride, brings you to the amazing burritos, tacos, and burrito bowls at Cali Burrito. They are cheap and super tasty replacements for the lack of burritos in the dining hall. Be sure to get their fresh salsas and enjoy the Cali vibes. 

Nick's Diner

If you are searching for late night eats, Nick's is the place to go. It is open super late and you get a 10% discount if you have your Berg ID! Who wouldn't wanna eat breakfast for dinner at 10% off? There are plenty of options no matter what food you are searching for and at only a little over a mile away, it is the perfect location for a hungry broke Mule to eat away their stress and homesickness. 

Shanty on 19th 

Finally, for those of you tryna ball on a budget, comes this restaurant. It is located just a mile away from school so super accessible and gives Mules a 10% discount! There is plenty to eat and enjoy without breaking into the bank or begging your parents for more money. And on top of all of that, on Sundays there is an all you can eat brunch buffet for $16 a person. I don't know about you guys, but I will be there every week. 

So I guess it turns out being a freshman isn't so bad, when you have the right food. 

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