I have a couple of vegan friends. So, when we go out we have to go to a place where everyone can eat. I don’t complain because vegan food is great! Plus, I love eating out and trying new foods (especially vegan foods). I try to go to as many places that I can and having been in Allentown for a year now. I’ve figured out six places where you can get some yummy vegan options.

Cali Burrito


photo by elevenelevensocial

On the outside, Cali Burrito resembles a shack, so that might steer you away. But, don’t let it! The moment you step in there is a sign that says “We have vegan options.” And boy do they. They have tacos/burrito options with scrambled tofu, smoked tofu, grilled veggies, or falafel.

Hummus House


photo by Victoria Ann Gaffney

This place has too many vegan options to count. There is Hummus Falafel Panini, Emtabal “Baba Ghanouj”, Yabrah “Rolled Grape Leaves”, and many more.

The Aladdin Restaurant


photo by young shanahan

Aladdin has the best falafel in Allentown. OK. I don’t really know that. But everyone who goes there tells me their falafel is bomb. Also, every night there is belly dancing. What could be better than dinner and a show?

New Garden


photo by Alpha

If you are vegan and you want to order food in allentown. Most likely you’ve ordered Chinese food. New Garden has a lot of options for vegans. Just pick anything off the vegetable part of the menu. Tbh vegetable dumplings are my favorite. I get them everytime.



photo by Claire Jones

Bamboo is super close to Muhlenberg. They do sit down or take out. It’s a perfect place to get your sushi fix and it’s only 5 minutes away from campus. They have tofu skin, avocado rolls and my personal fav sweet potato tempora rolls.

Damascus Restaurant


photo by Amber Karnes

This is a great place if you want Middle Eastern food. It’s BYOB, so don’t expect to get any fancy drinks here! This is easy to remedy though, just grab some friends and some wine and get it going! Despite this slight inconvenience, they have yummy vegan food!