It's difficult not to love Fall. Coming from the Northeast, October leaves me nostalgic for brisk breezes, vibrantly colored foliage, and most of all, my favorite pumpkin and squash dishes. Texas might still be hot, but that doesn't mean that Texans can't get in on the fun! Rush Bowls in Mockingbird Station is offering a fun twist on Pumpkin Spice that won't make you overheat like a traditional PSL.

Spoon U was lucky enough to get a taste of the Pumpkin Spice smoothie bowl the day it arrived this year. Made with 100% pumpkin puree, banana, graham cracker, cinnamon, nutmeg, your choice of milk (we chose nonfat), and optional frozen yogurt, this bowl is topped with organic granola and honey.

Seems simple and unassuming, right?

Nope. The pumpkin spice bowl is absolutely bursting with flavor, and tastes like your favorite childhood pumpkin pie straight out of the fridge. You can feel good about your decision to eat simple, nourishing foods, while enjoying all of your favorite fall flavors; not to mention that it will help you forget (temporarily, at least) about the hot, muggy temperatures just outside of the Mockingbird Station shop's doors.   

 Haven't heard of Rush Bowls yet? Well--it's about time that you do. 

It can be difficult to wade through the sea of smoothie shops, açai bowl cafés, and pressed juiceries, but for us, Rush Bowls stands out from the pack. Founded in Boulder in 2004 by Andrew Pudalov, it has strived since its' inception to deliver honest recipes made from whole, simple ingredients, while also supporting Make-a-Wish and There With Care.

While Rush Bowls exist in multiple states, they are each locally owned. Ted and Elizabeth Bachmeier are who we have to thank for introducing Dallas to Rush in early 2018!

 So, craving pumpkin spice yet? Head over to Mockingbird Station this week and celebrate fall break early by treating yourself to a smoothie or a bowl. And bring your pup for a Bow Wow Bowl, too!